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Michigan: Motor City Winnies

October 18, 2013

Seven Motor Cities rigs made it to camp at Lighthouse County Park Oct. 4-6. On Thursday, the Rockers, Ribarsky, Loves, Paszkos, and Yates arrived.

Ohio: Buckeye Winnies

October 17, 2013

Ohio Buckeye Winnies Oct.11-15 campout was at the Two Rivers Campground in Nashville, TN with eight coaches and one guest coach.

Kansas: Prairie Winnies

October 17, 2013

KS Prairie Winnies camped at the end of September in northwest MO and many of the sites we visited were in northeastern KS. Tuesday found the first members of the state WIT club pulling into Basswood RV Resort near Platt City, MO.

Illinois: Gone With the Winnies

October 17, 2013

Even though the leaves in and around Leisure Acres RV Park in Cleveland, GA were not at their peak, it was still beautiful.