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Ontario: Ontario Trillium Travellers

December 31, 1969

March—Wow, wasn't that a party? On the 12th of February, Ontario Trillium Travellers had a winter picnic at Sunshine RV Park in Lake Placid, FL.  It was a great turnout: twenty-four members, two honorary members, our two Eastern Area Reps, nine past members, and three guests. It was a beautiful day and our hosts, Barry and Glennice Barton, Bill and Marlene Holman along with Gerald and Debbie Robitaille, had arranged with the park to have the use of the pavilion for socializing and the hall to have our meal. It was a great time to get caught up on what was going on in each other's lives and gloat about not having to shovel snow. A few had bad travel weather stories but fortunately, no mishaps along the way. 

We nibbled on snacks and imbibed a few beverages while we socialized, then sat down to a delicious barbecue chicken dinner and dessert. Afterwards, a few of us booked into a motel for the night and we had just nicely got back to our rooms when the heavens opened up to a dandy rainstorm. Mother Nature was very considerate! A great big thank you to our hosts, it was a wonderful get-together.

By Bev Dudley