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Arkansas: Ark-A-Bago

July 02, 2019

Arkansas: Ark-A-Bago
At the April 3, 2019 Ark-A-Bago Club Business Meeting, held at the Woolly Hollow State Park, the following club service projects were voted on and approved:
1) $150.00 Club contribution to the “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Foundation” (‘ALS’ or Lou Gehrig’s Disease) in memory of former Club member, Mike Norris. Our club treasurer, James Matthews, states that the check was mailed to “ALS” in May.
2) $250.00 Club contribution to the KTHV11 “Summer Cereal Drive," in support of the Arkansas Food Bank. In representing our Ark-A-Bago Club as it’s Secretary, Judy, along with Nate, presented the club’s check to Laura Monteverdi with KHTV11, and Nick Bradford, Community Coordinator for the Arkansas Food Bank.
This was completed at the Kroger’s in the Heights, Little Rock, and was captured on live TV during the KTHV11 Morning Program Broadcast on June 11th, providing our club with some good PR as an extra benefit! Our $250.00 monetary contribution was registered as ‘250 boxes’; the ‘Arkansas Food Bank’ can purchase a box of cereal for one dollar, thus our donation will provide over 1,200 meals.