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Washington: Sun Catchers

June 12, 2019 - Cashmere, Washington

Washington: Sun Catchers

The Cashmere Campout with Wash-i-Bagos and Fraser Valley Explorers was held May 16 – 19, 2019 at the Chelan County Expo & Fairgrounds, Cashmere, WA.  

On Thursday we enjoyed the Cashmere High School Jazz Band.  They are always delightful!  Afterwards there was an Ice Cream Social provided by WIB.  That evening WIB provided hamburgers and buns with the chapters providing the sides.  The evening was spent playing Bingo in the Event Center.

Friday brought the Beanbag Baseball Tournament with six teams involved.  Two teams were eliminated including the Sun Catchers.  Game night was that evening with the Trivia game having three teams with Linda Grass.  At the same time Mary Adolphsen led the Indoor games in the Dinner Bell.  We had one table playing Rummy Kube.

Saturday morning brought the Outdoor Games led by the Sun Catchers.  It was quite a competition especially with a couple of grandkids adding to the mix.

The all-important WIB meeting Friday afternoon was deciding the future of the state organization.  It was voted to become a Meet-Up Group which basically is an outing with no structured agenda other than enjoying the people and surrounding area.  The name picked for the group was Pacific Northwest Fun-a-Bagos.  Costs for an outing would only be your camping fees.

The finals for the Beanbag Baseball Tournament was held Saturday afternoon with the San Juanderers winning.

There was a very good catered dinner that evening.  Afterwards there was recognition of the winners of the Beanbag Baseball Tournament and Trivia Games.  Money was awarded for the Bingo winners and the Indoor and Outdoor Game winners.

Sunday morning began the ‘Goodbyes’ and ‘Safe travels’.  We enjoyed the time given us to explore the area and to patronize the local eateries during our stay in Cashmere.  Several of us attended a Flea Market Saturday morning and came back with a few treasures.

The next outing for the Pacific Northwest Fun-a-Bagos is a campout at the Columbia Sun Resort in Kennewick September 8-11, 2019.