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California: San Diego Rolling Homes

June 12, 2019 - Tucalota Springs

California: San Diego Rolling Homes

Tucalota Springs was a huge success! Our May outing was really fabulous but why shouldn’t it be? Tucalota is probably the most popular park that we visit. Way out in the country (but close to the wineries), wonderful park hosts, fishing pond, horseshoes, great clubhouse and of course great SDRH hosts. Over the last few months we have had four new rigs join us. Craig and Sue Hunt some time back and at Tucalota, we enjoyed meeting Bert and Sharon Kersey, Tom Hathaway and Katie Ryan plus Carole Britton. Everyone fit right in and it was like we have known them for a long time.


Have you ever had an “Omlet in a bag”? Chuck and Kathy always have new and exciting adventures for us and breakfast was wonderful. Everyone cracked an egg and put it in a plastic bag. Then they added all the goodies they wanted in their Omlet. Boy, there were some doozies! Chuck and Randy were boiling water in pots outside and after putting their name and the time on the bag, the Omelets were “cooked” for the right time. Everyone was so pleased with their breakfast creation
and enjoyed their breakfast with all the other accessories to make this breakfast pretty special for everyone. A great beginning for a wonderful Saturday!


It could be said that the one thing this club loves is to eat!