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Kansas: KA-MO Headwaters

May 15, 2019

Kansas: KA-MO Headwaters

The KA-MO Headwaters Chapter of the WIT Club had our May campout at Lake Shawnee in Topeka, KS. Our hosts were Bob and Connie Strattan. They planned a fun weekend. We started with a tour of the Evel Knievel Museum in Topeka, KS. The fee to get in is $12 but we got the group discount of $11. If you paid an extra $5 you could do the virtual reality motorcycle JUMP. Two of our members opted to try and it was hilarious to watch. They said it was a thrill and felt so real. After we completed the Museum tour, we headed back to our campsites before we headed out to the Blind Tiger for our usual Friday night eating out. After we got back to the campsite we decided to have a campfire. Tom Stanley, our designated fire starter, got busy and built a nice warm campfire. We ended up staying out by the fire until 10pm. It started to sprinkle and we were covered with dew. So it was time to call it a night.

On Saturday we had plans to do rock painting and our potluck supper. The ladies all gathered at 2pm for our rock painting event. Connie purchased the rocks, paint, and even provided us with matching hats for our rock painting. We made spinach and artichoke dip with pretzels for a snack. Let the painting begin. Nancy used to be an artist for Hallmark Cards so we all knew we were painting against some steep competition. Everyone's imagination was working overtime to create a special rock. We all ended up painting at least two rocks. We had so much fun. We need to do this again. We finished up around 5pm and started to get ready for our potluck supper.

Bob and Connie provided the hamburger, hotdogs, and brats for the potluck. With all the additional covered dishes, we had a feast. Nancy brought some boiled peanuts for us to try. They were common to her when she was growing up in Florida. Some of us mid-westerners had only seen them on Facebook and were curious as to what the big deal was with boiled peanuts. Some members liked them and others weren't that impressed. Nelson, Nancy's husband, said it is sometimes an acquired taste. After cleaning up we decided to start a campfire and enjoy the cool evening. Since we were so close to Tom's house, he drove over and picked up his fire pit. By using the fire pit, we could put it between the campers and get a little wind break from the chill in the air. Again, we enjoyed visiting by the fire until around 9pm.

Sunday morning was Mother's Day so Connie, our host, decided that the guys would cook breakfast for us. We all decided the night before that we would eat at 10:30am. Tom came in and woke me up at 9:30am and told me the guys were starting to cook. It took me a minute to wake up but I knew that meant that I needed to fix the biscuits and gravy that Tom was supposed to cook. He does not ever cook except for stuff on the grill. We had waffles, real maple syrup, fruit, and biscuits and gravy for breakfast. It was delicious. We all sat around and visited until it got close to noon. Checkout time was noon. All the campers went home on Sunday except Tom and Gwen. We decided to stay another day so we could shampoo our RV carpeting. It looks great now. Another fun campout with our KA-MO Headwaters members.

Respectfully Submitted by
Gwen Stanley, Secretary