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California: San Diego Rolling Homes

May 10, 2019

California: San Diego Rolling Homes
It was a great time at Agua Caliente Hot Springs. Our hosts orchestrated several great events including an off road trip. 
Another fun event was a first ever Easter Egg hunt. The people in the photo above, Al, Bev and Brent, were scrambling to search out the eggs before someone else picked them clean. Jo Ann mastered the event accumulating the most eggs.
What a surprise we had on Saturday morning at Agua Caliente Springs RV Park.
Everybody knew that John and Patricia would not be attending but all of a sudden, who rode up on his scooter. Where did he come from? He surprised us all by flying his personal plane over from San Diego to be with us for a while.
It was pretty cool that he gave several of us a ride “around the patch”. It was really great that there was a county landing strip just adjacent to the campground.
Thanks John! That was a first for our club!