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California: Lone Cypress Winnitascans

April 01, 2019

California: Lone Cypress Winnitascans
We started the weekend with dinner at the Basque Restaurant and instead of all having the family dinner, this time we had more of a menu choice and those that wanted it had several different entrees, along with all the side dishes, wine, and dessert.
Friday weather was beautiful and we had our business meeting on this day instead of the regular Saturday meeting. Minutes are included separately here thanks to Betty, and Bob did his usual informative tech talk. We always learn some new stuff from Bob. We had some guests at our outing, Mike and Karen Guidotti who not only had a good time, but turned in their application for membership. Welcome to the group, we hope to see you at future outings.
Saturday brought the wagonmasters breakfast followed by some games, beanbag baseball, and some intense hanging around. Saturday night we had our corned beef & cabbage din-ner with all the trimmings for about 30 well-fed people. After dinner there was one winner-take-all game of left-center-right which was won by our new member, Mike, for a giant pot of about $8. Maybe that’s why he joined?
Sunday was the usual getaway breakfast, cleanup, and head home. Thanks to all for attending and thanks to our co-wagonmasters the Rustigans, Nancy and Don, and Bob Swanson plus thanks to my bride Pat who stepped up to the plate.