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Illinois: Cardinal Capers

February 21, 2019

Another winter luncheon in the history books and the winter has been historical with -50 degree wind chills and ice storms. But for our luncheon the weather was very nice and the drive was absolutely breath-taking with all the trees, fences and fields glistening with diamonds and rhinestones after all the ice storms. The whole journey was like that. It was truly a sight to behold. The Schulzes didn’t have ice in their area but snow covered.

Our luncheon this month was in Stillman Valley, one of those little country towns with award winning high school sports. It was a short drive for the Hellers as it’s almost in Byron’s backyard. The destination was to the Cardinal Cafe, a typical hometown cafe (great food). We had our own room with a homemade table that must have been 16 feet long. Those attending were Browns, Gastels, Hellers, Korzuns, Esther, and the Schulzes. The weather was discussed in great detail, with many variations in snowfall because of locations. 

Hopefully next month there will be a big change in the weather!