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Missouri: Ozark Winnies

February 11, 2019

Ozark Winnies Winter Activities
The last meeting of 2018 was the annual Christmas luncheon. This meeting was held on December 1 at the Dietz Family Buffet in Clinton, MO. We had a great turnout with twenty-seven members in attendance; Bergant, Breen, Eaheart, Flasch, Carlon Huff, Kelling, Mahaffey, Murphy, Parsons, Sego, Stone, Van Meter, and honorary members Don and Connie Smith and Doris Davis and Dan Vermillion. We were honored to share the meeting room with about forty National Guard men and women.
After the meal, President Joy shared health concerns of members and asked each member to share their favorite Christmas song. We then departed with goodbyes, wishes for a Merry Christmas and promises to see each other in April 2019. Some went home to prepare for a long, cold winter in Missouri and others to prepare for their annual trek to warmer climates.
The seventh, or maybe it’s only the sixth, Annual Texas Winter Luncheon was held on January 30, 2019 at Cortino’s Italian Restaurant in Weslaco, TX. This event is hosted each year by the Kennedys and Wollins. This year’s luncheon was attended by twenty seven Ozark Winnies, Chief Winnies and other fellow Winnebago owners from various states who were wintering in south Texas. Four Ozark Winnies members attended; Reynolds, Spene, Stewart and Wollin. This meeting has been held at Cortino’s several times. The food is always good and the fellowship is even better. And it is always great to share with WIT Club members from other states.
The Ozark Winnies members who were not fortunate enough to go to Florida, Texas or Arizona for the winter didn’t let the cold weather keep them from getting together for fellowship and the sharing of a meal. Bad weather did force a rescheduling of the first attempt. Sixteen were finally able to meet at TGI Friday’s on February 2 in Springfield, MO. Attending were Battistoni, Bergant, Johnson, Kelling, Murphy, Stone, Taylor and Van Meter. The group wasn’t able to sit at one big table, but the photos depict spirited conversations
at each table. A great time was had by all.
One more winter meeting is scheduled for March 16 in Branson. The Kellings are making arrangements for this meeting. So, if you are in Missouri, put this date on your calendar.