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California: Hi-Desert Rig Runners

February 11, 2019

California: Hi-Desert Rig Runners
Catalina Spa & RV Resort
February 4-8
Written by Bob Gorges
There were 8 coaches that attended our four days in Desert Hot Springs: Greg & Karla Bechner, Lorraine Brockway, Randy & Karen Childs, Connie Crouse & side kick Doc Vega, Orin & Clare Gilbertson, Bob & Paula Gorges, Darrell & Barbara Gury, John & Linda Walsh. As we all arrived & set up our coaches, we were greeted by Mother Nature’s wind. For dinner we went to Las Casuelos Mexican Restaurant, where we treated to a great dinner, and were serenaded by a solo Mariachi Guitar player. We enjoyed his rendition of “Guacamole,“ among other great songs.
Tuesday the wind was still a blowing! The wind has a way of following the HDRR! For lunch we all had lunch at Sherman’s Deli, the food was great! And the company was even better! For dinner, Five Dollar Pizza catered a meal at the clubhouse, consisting of pizza, chicken wings & salad. We all had a chance to visit during dinner and catch up on what has been going on in our lives. After dinner, President Karla Bechner held an informative general meeting.
Wednesday, Orin & Clare Gilbertson hosted a side trip to General Patton’s Museum, at the top of Chiriaco Summit. General Patton was in charge of a training mission for our troops to prepare them for battle in WWII and he chose the desert area in the Chiriaco Summit. After the tour some of us ate lunch at the restaurant, the Walshs & Gilbertsons treated themselves to some ice cream across the street! The Childs & Gorges’ raced back to camp so Karen & Paula could get to the craft class the park was hosting. The afternoon was spent resting in our coaches, the wind was still following the HDRR. For dinner we had use of the clubhouse, and we all enjoyed a tasty potluck dinner, the cooks for the HDRR treated all of us to some tasty fixings, thanks to all! After dinner we teamed up with another RV group to play card bingo. Karla did a great job of hosting card bingo. We had fun it was a lively time for all, the other group enjoyed singing along “Jack of Diamonds”, well you know how it goes. Linda won at quarters and Karen Childs was the big winner winner, winning the $$$ black out game.
Thursday was a beautiful morning! Sunny, no wind, so the HDRR dusted off their camp chairs, and visited outside Bob & Paula’s coach. Thursday afternoon some of us went to the McCallum theater to see the play “My Mother’s Italian , My Fathers’ Jewish I’m in Therapy.” The show was great! I personally really enjoyed the afternoon performance. For dinner the Gilbertsons invited us to their lovely abode for a light dinner. we were treated to some tasty kish provided by Barbary Gury, and that German chocolate cake that Lorraine made was scrumptious! Thanks to all for the food everyone took to prepare for our group. After dinner we had fun visiting and enjoying each other’s company.
Friday morning brought another beautiful day, the Childs & Gorges’ hosted the getaway breakfast. We all visited and treated ourselves to muffins, yogurt and fruit. We said our good byes, there were plenty of hugs for all! Would like to thank the Gilbertsons for sharing fruit from their fruit trees, for our group. We had a good four days wind or not, and can’t wait until the next campout in Arizona!
Safe travels.
The Childs & Gorges’