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Illinois: Cardinal Capers

January 03, 2019


Our annual Christmas luncheon was held at the Thunder Bay Restaurant in Rockford, where we had our choice of ordering from the extensive menu or choosing our food choices from the brunch buffet. Those attending and enjoying the food and conversations were Browns, Gastels, Hickses, Dean, Korzuns, Esther, Watnes, and Dave. We were also very pleased to meet our newest guest members, Jim Leamy from Lena and Fred Whitney and his partner, Juanita Wilson. Some conversations were livelier than others but perhaps the one comparing different types and hookups of C-Pap machines was the most educational! Members brought wrapped gifts for the kiddos at the Rockford Rescue Mission so they could have a Christmas, too. Thanks! We’re an amazing group who shares willingly with others less fortunate. Some members will be heading south for the winter, while others will continue to enjoy each others’ company throughout the winter months.