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Ohio: Maumee Valley Winnies

January 02, 2019


Well would you believe the 2018 camping season is drawing to an end? 2019 will be here in a few weeks. This year has been a memorable one for me. I hope it was just as exciting and enjoyable for you. Our group did a lot this year. Thanks to Sue Hoile, our President, and to Dan, her husband and personal assistant. They really worked hard trying to keep us all in line and with plenty to do. Great job you two. To Ray Radabaugh who did an excellent job on recording the minutes. Also, to Diane, his wife, who could be seen making notes during the meeting to help him along. Splendid job. To LeAnn Hastin who kept track of our funds. The treasurer’s job is a hard and time consuming endeavor. Also, to Cris who was there whenever she needed help. Our officers last year did a splendid job. 

Our December Dinner meeting was held at the Brandywine Country club with 40 members in attendance. Thanks go out to Diane and Ray Radabaugh for the great job they did with this dinner.  The meal was served buffet style and the food was great. The gift table was totally filled with unwrapped gifts for the children thanks to the generosity of our members. We said farewell to last year officers. Sue give the oath of office to the 2019 officers. They are President Barb Henning, Vice President Cindi Becher, Secretary Ray Radabaugh, Treasurer LeAnn Hastin.

It just seems like last month that we were going to Peking Restaurant for dinner, and the start of our camping season. That was April, our first get together of the season. It was great seeing everyone after the winter. Summer could not be too far away. 

May found us in Richland County Fairground’s campsite, which we shared with a horse show. In our case it was a shake down cruise. We all had some terrific stories to tell from the winter that had just past. Those lucky enough to come back from warmer climates were now back in Ohio with the rest of us.

June brought us to Delta, Ohio and our Show and Tell at Shafer’s Open House. The rain did not hamper people coming in to see the new campers and we had a great chance to talk to them about some of our experiences. Saturday the Shafer’s treated us to a delicious steak dinner.

July took some of our group to Iowa for GNR. This too is an experience not to be missed. Some of Winnebago’s first campers were there for the viewing in the Winnebago Visitors Center. They sure have come a long was since then. The newer models were there to be looked at also. All of the seminar and classes enlighten everyone who wanted to take advantage of them. The weather cooperated this year, but as usual we had to have at least one day of rain. Our root beer floats were the talk of the midway. We served 900 of them. Deb and Dave Brenner took awards for their driving skills.

August saw the group driving to Amish Country and Evergreen Campground. Thanks to Rich and Chris Iott for finding the place. It was a terrific find. Too bad there was an overcast sky in the evening so we were unable to see the shooting stars that weekend, but the campfires were great and the food was delicious.

September took us to Maumee State Park for our Maumee Vally Winnies Birthday Bash and the best fish fry in town provided by Paul Tornow and his son. The weather was not the best, but thanks to Dale and Sharon Viers, we were able to use the shelterhouse. Many of the group were able to see nature in all her glory when the waves came crashing ashore.

September was also the WOW Campout at Richland County Fairgrounds. Vendors and seminars were there to help with any questions you had about equipment. The BBQ on Saturday was excellent.

October found us back at Maumee Bay State Park to meet with our friends from Motor City Winnies. The dinners were held in the shelterhouse due to inclement weather. Friday was Chili and Saturday was Tony Packo Hot Dogs. Side dishes on both days we provided by members of the group. I must say the food was delicious both days. On Saturday we had the privilege to watch Ranger Jeremy Boerger put Tommy, a German Shepard, through his paces. Tommy is a dog used to discover missing people, cadavers, as well as narcotics. This was very interesting. It was decided by the group to do this again next year with Motor City Winnies picking the campsite.

November was a dinner meeting held at Sullivan’s Restaurant in Wauseon, Ohio. Thanks to Jean and Lance Halsey for the table decorations and to Greg and Cindi Becher for their help in setting up the tables. Thanks also to Deb and Dave Brenner for the Frog Plates and the 50-50 Raffle. The food collected went to Under One Roof Food Pantry.


2019 Year’s Schedule is as follows:

April 6, 2019 Dinner at Peking Restaurant

May Campout TBD

June 7-9 Shafer’s Open House

July 22-27 GNR in Forest City Iowa

September 6-8 Maumee Bay State Park

September 19-22 WOW Campout Richfield County Fairgrounds

October Campout with Michigan (They get to pick the campgrounds this year)

November 3 Docs Restaurant

December 1 Ole Zims Wagon Shed Restaurant


Well I guess it is time to close for this year but before I do I would like to wish each and everyone of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE.  See you next year around the campfire.

Bernie Overly