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Indiana: Indiana Meanderers

December 03, 2018

Indiana: Indiana Meanderers
This year’s December luncheon was held on Saturday, December 1 at the Back 40 Junction Restaurant in Decatur, Indiana. Scott Feichter was our host for the luncheon and although he didn’t provide us with sunny, warm weather he did find us an awesome place to get together for food and conversation!
There were 9 of us attending the luncheon including members Scott Feichter, Bob & Ruth Stoeckley, and Fred & Carol Thomas. Also joining us were former Meanderer members Dick and Becky Dirig and Mike & Connie DeWald.
This quote was taken from the restaurant’s website but doesn’t really cover everything on display both inside and outside the restaurant. “Walking in the door of the Back 40 Junction is like stepping back in time. The main dining room holds a priceless Tiffany chandelier. Fascinating artifacts decorate the walls and ceilings, including whaler's lamps, authentic Burma Shave highway signs and oil lamps once owned by Carol Lombard. You'll see the area's largest collection of sculptures by John Rogers, dating from the mid-1800s.” In addition to all the items on display there was a really nice selection of buffet style food. We started with trips to the salad bar and Swedish appetizer table followed by plates full of foods from the hot buffet bar. I think everyone finished off their meal with at least one trip to the dessert buffet table which had homemade pies and cookies and ice cream.
Scott brought some Christmas decorations to pass out and we brought bags that held small buckets of candy, toothpick holders, and a small teddy bear. Becky and Dick had a really special gift for each couple but we had to wait until we were all ready to leave to receive it. Becky (with a little help from Dick) had made the most unique and beautiful angel decorations from hymnals. We each got to choose an angel which were adorned with different colored ribbons. They are absolutely amazing and we thank them so much! We look forward to displaying ours for many Christmases to come!