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Arkansas: Ark-A-Bago

November 28, 2018

Arkansas: Ark-A-Bago
Our November 5 – 9 campout was held at the Wanderlust RV Park, Eureka Springs, AR. Those Ark-A-Bago Members attending were Bolte, Brandes, Ford, Gould, Grice, Harris, Kadrzynski, Matthews, Norris, Rozeboom and Sims, with Tillman driving up and staying in one of the park’s cabins. Sunday, we set up sites, visited, had dinner, and watched the Sunday Night Football Game.
Monday morning Judy and Bonnie, along with their able helpers, began to prepare the Turkey and decorate the tables for our Thanksgiving Dinner. Tim requested a turkey neck hors d’ oeuvre from the girls, and when asked he agreed to carve the turkey for dinner. The Grand Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner was served, and along with the many excellent side dishes and desserts offered provided a satisfying meal and wonderful seasonal fellowship to be enjoyed by all while sharing our Grand Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner with invited Wanderlust RV Park Management and their staff. 
Tuesday, some girls went to visit the Pivot Rock Park on the outskirts of Eureka Springs. Besides all the beautiful flowered trails and fantastic wooded scenery, the girls also discovered a very striking Natural Bridge to enjoy. For lunch, a host of girls joined the ‘happy travelers’ at the Thai House in town. While the girls were playing, the guys were in Berryville enjoying the city’s shooting range and an inside guided tour of Nighthawk Custom. The boys were very welcomed at this fantastic custom pistol manufacturer and provided the opportunity to visit one-on-one with their ‘jeweled-craftsman’ gunsmiths. Knight Custom specializes in the 1911 platform, now offering over 40 unique and custom versions. They now have expanded to top-of-the-line tactical shotguns, and has partnered with Korth-Waffen of Lollar, Germany, to offer their custom Korth revolvers with roller-bearing works. Scott Larousse, Account Manager, was excellent in conducting our tour, explaining the processes and answering our many questions. One of the hallmarks of Knight Custom is: “One Gun, One Gunsmith”. Instead of having the pistols travel down the production line with individual stopping points for separate manufacturing (like autos do), each pistol is created and finished exclusively by only one gunsmith in his own shop. And he stamps his initials into the gun as both a sign of pride in his artistic work and to register for responsibility if the gun should fail under its warranty. Each pistol carries a life-time warranty registered via serial number and is not restricted by ownership. Knight Custom produces luxurious pistols that can be considered the same as jewelry in their own right, with a base standard model pricing starting above $2,300. Of course, whenever the guys are in Berryville we must have lunch at the Ozark Café on the town square. And once again it was a winner! Back at camp the girls were busy setting up individual item displays with their pricing lists for our club’s annual Silent Auction. Dinner was our excellent Thanksgiving leftovers!
Wednesday at high noon we completed our club’s silent auction. It was once again an adventure with a lot of last-minute postings, and a ton of fun! Over $400.00 was earned for the club treasury. We finished off the late afternoon with a rousing game of “On The Bus”. Elvan and Judy were in the final showdown hand with Elvan winning the pot. And dinner was once more Thanksgiving leftovers!
Thursday, we said goodbye to six rigs and the Tillman’s, with all heading home for various reasons. We moved to the smaller club house and began to play a good game of Mexican Train. We suspended play to go to dinner. Since our camp had dwindled down to only five rigs we chose to return once again to last year’s wonderful Thursday dinner place, the Café Amore, for as their outdoor business sign says: “The Best Pizza in the Galaxy!” The natural wood burning fireplace was a treat and very welcomed on a cold night in Eureka Springs. When we returned to camp the Mexican Train game was then continued.
Friday, the remainder of the camp broke for home. Although the weather was rather chilly as the week wore on, we had a very good time together, celebrating our many Blessings and giving thanks with a wonderful dinner being served!
By Judy Brandes