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Florida: Du-Bol Winnies

November 27, 2018

Florida: Du-Bol Winnies
November 2018 Du-Bol Winnie Campout Review
Thanksgiving with the Du-Bol Winnies has become a tradition for Russ & I. This year I took up the reins from our Host, Connie Lackey, as she was a bit “hung-up” with her knee scooter hindering her movement, but did help her to get around while her broken ankle healed. With Russ’s help, he & I were able to reconfigure the table seating in the clubhouse to allow everyone to feel more like they were at a family dinner, than a cafeteria. I’m hoping everyone found the table décor and the catered meal from Cracker Barrel enough to make a lasting memory.
Never having done a catered meal from CB before, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Once the food arrived, (my sincere thank you to all the fellows that helped unload the CB van) it was time to get to work. It became apparent to me and my three excellent helpers (Emily Carter, Kathy Choate, & Kim English) that we were going to need more than the two ovens in the clubhouse to heat everything up. One quick call went out – who in turn called two more – who each called two more and within 10 minutes or less there were ten women and men hustling down to the clubhouse with their crock pots in tow. A sincere “thank you” to our club members who rushed to our aid, which allowed the four of us to prepare and heat a delicious Thanksgiving meal for our 48 members in attendance and 2 guests (the Bykowskis). As our President Russ, who was the last one to go thru the food line, said: “I even got hot food”! Our Du-Bol ladies & gentlemen are truly a group of caring & helpful individuals.
With our bellies full, it was time to complete the evening festivities with our annual Charity Auction. Our Auctioneer Extraordinaire, Jack Caffrey, did not disappoint. With an abundance of new or nearly new and handmade items donated by our club members, Jack was able to deliver his dialogue of wit and humor to allow everyone a chance to bid on their favorite item or items. He even had husband and wife out bidding one another for the same item. GO FIGURE! The Auction proceeds amounted to $1,681.00. Additional donations received were $306.00 and the amount contributed to the Charity Box during the year was $224.00. A total of $2,211.00 had been received for our charitable contribution. Two charities had been voted on, by the members present; to each receive a check for $1,100. The remaining $11 will remain in the Charity Box for 2019. The two recipients awarded are the K9S For Warriors located in Ponte Vedra, FL and the Elk’s Aidmore Children’s Center located in Conyers, GA.
Our sincere thank you goes out to everyone who participated in helping to make this year’s Thanksgiving tradition, a very special gathering. Lastly, I wish to thank Connie & Tom Davies and Bill Lackey (Co-Hosts) for all their help during the November campout. Many hands do make light work!
Something new was added to our November campout this year. A Cookie Bake-Off Contest was offered to our members who wished to enter their favorite cookie for judging by our President, Russ Grimm, Vice President, Bill Lackey and Tom Davies. We had six entries. Our 1st Place winner was Cindy Hoffren with her Haystack cookies and 2nd Place winner was Sharon King with her Cranberry Cream Cheese Snicker-doodles. Thank you to everyone who entered. No cookies went to waste as they were dessert for two evenings of the campout.
Another birthday celebration was recognized for Mabel Moorhead, who turned 38 again. Now if I was to admit I made a typo with Mabel’s age, she would just have me reverse the two age numbers. Mable is such a gracious, caring, beautiful woman that has been a Du-Bol Winnie member for many years. Mabel sent a text message to President Russ to pass on to everyone. “Thank you Du-Bol Winnie’s for celebrating my birthday with me. It was a wonderful day, a great surprise and greatly appreciated --- even if I am only 39 (more wishful thinking). Again thank you!” 
--Mabel Moorhead—
Last, but not least, was the Craft Hour where ten women gathered together and made 13 gorgeous Mesh Poinsettias Christmas Flower wreaths to take home or give as gifts.
OK, this is the last thing…..I can’t forget to mention when one of our members is in need; the whole village comes to the rescue. In this case, poor Dave Proctor was out walking one of his two dogs the morning when it was about 48 degrees. His wife, Marcia had left to do some shopping and Dave discovered the door to their RV had locked – leaving him without any keys, no cell phone and out in the cold. Russ had just gone outside as Dave was pondering as to what he should do. To make a long story short (like that will ever happen with me telling the story) after trying our set of keys; after calling Marcia, who didn’t have a set of keys with her; after going to the campground office – to which they gave us some master keys to try; after locating Felix in the repair RV shop; after calling Roadside Assistance; after having our master fixer, Bob Bischoff try his hand, did we discover that Mike Choate had the “magic” key which opened Dave’s RV door – much to everyone’s relief and to his pooch, who had been waiting his turn for his morning walk. As I said, “It takes a Village!”
Russ and I have only been Du-Bol Winnie members for four years. In this time, we have discovered this club has given us many new travel adventures, many creative new ideas for fixing “things”, new challenges, new experiences and information, but most important have been the many valuable new friendships we have come to know and love. We are so thankful for the Du-Bol Winnie members.
Additional photos taken at this campout can be found on the Du-Bol Winnies website:   
(Report written by Your Elfette on a Shelf – YES, Arlene Grimm)