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Missouri: Ozark Winnies

November 07, 2018

The Ozark Winnies November meeting was held at Treasure Lake RV Resort in Branson, MO. The official date of the meeting was November 2-4. Many Ozark Winnie members are also Treasure Lake members and several arrived as early as October 22 for the park’s annual owner’s meeting and to get a head start on activities which included shopping, shows, shopping, restaurants such as Gettin’ Basted, Tequila’s 2, McFarland’s, Pizza Ranch and more, and shopping.
There were twenty-three units attending this meeting; Battastoni, Bergant, Breen, Donnelly, Eaheart and guests, Darrell and Marilyn Ahrens, Flasch, Huff, Johnson, Leeper, Mahaffey, Mastis, McCord, Murphy, Parsons, Reynolds, Sego, Spene, Stone, Taylor, Van Meter, Vinci, Wallis and Wollin. On Monday the 29th, sixteen congregated at Murphy’s motorhome for tri-tips and baked potatoes provided by Mahaffey and Murphy. Items for loading the potatoes, salads, vegetables and desserts were provided by others attending.
As usual for this group, the tables were loaded with more than one could even think about eating. On Tuesday several of the group went to dinner at McFarland’s. Wednesday morning brought out the mechanics in the group to help the Leeper’s deal with a battery issue. The work was completed just in time for twenty - eight to enjoy lunch at the newly opened Pizza Ranch. Activities for the rest of the day were pretty much curtailed by the cold and rain.
The official Ozark Winnies meeting activities started on Thursday, November 1 with a Halloween party in the Cottrell Building. Thirty-seven attended this fun filled evening. Several showed up in costume, but most showed up for the games and snacks. Thanks to Marva and crew; Joyce, Carol and Jerry for decorating the building and the Leeper’s for providing the carved pumpkins, all creating a festive backdrop for the activities. The evening started with us eating again. Everyone brought snacks of just about every variety imaginable. Ruth Leeper then led two games of Halloween Trivia. The first consisted of general questions about Halloween. The second one was to match characters with Halloween movies. No one got all of the answers correct. Marva then brought out the plungers and toilet paper. The object of this game was for participants to hold the plunger between their knees and transfer a roll of toilet paper from one plunger to another. Men were matched with men and women with women. The men won the first round and Susanne objected, complaining that the men had an unfair advantage; that they had had fifty plus years of practice. Tom Breen came dressed as an exhibitionist(??) and during the game drew a lot of laughs. The Donnelly’s then presented a movie trivia game. This one was not Halloween related and once again no one answered all of the questions correctly.
The next activity was Friday afternoon, the Dutton Family Christmas Show. Thirty-three attended this talented family’s show. They had a technical glitch that extended the intermission by several minutes. The glitch was corrected and the show went on. All of the reviews overheard were positive. Friday evening was the almost annual soup dinner. Almost annual because last year we had a chili dump instead of soup. Forty - one attended and enjoyed seven different soups; Italian Wedding, Brunswick, Chicken Gnocchi, Ham and Beans, Vegetable Beef, Potato, Beef Stew and several varieties of vegetable trays, hors devours and desserts. A big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who provided items for the meal. After dinner the final business meeting of the year was held. The 2019 officers were installed by past President Jerry Van Meter; President, Joy Murphy, Vice- President, Carlon Huff and Secretary/ Treasurer, Terry Parsons.
On Saturday morning twenty nine arose early to partake of a new activity for the Ozark Winnies; a ‘You Bring It, We Cook It Scromolete Breakast’. Everyone brought their own eggs and whatever ingredients they wanted, cheese, mushrooms, bacon bits, etc. and everything was cooked for them. It seemed to be a big hit, but not as big a hit as the
homemade cinnamon rolls provided by Judy Eaheart. Another big ‘Thank You’ is in order for those who pitched in and cleaned the Cottrell Building. It wasn’t conveyed verbally, but Treasure Lake Housekeeping is probably also saying ‘Thank You’ for doing our job. On Saturday evening, forty-six assembled at the Lodge for a dinner prepared by Treasure Lake’s Barb McConnell and her staff of work-campers and volunteers. Everyone enjoyed the meal of turkey breast, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, tossed salad, southern green
beans, hot rolls and butter, cheesecake topped with banana or cherry, lemonade and tea. After dinner Bob and Marie presented a slide show of their WIT Outdoor Adventure trip to Alaska. Beautiful photos of a trip of a lifetime. After dinner six retired to the Cottrell Building for cards and several stayed in the Lodge to play dominos.
On Sunday morning forty-two enjoyed another catered meal prepared by the Treasure Lake staff; breakfast consisting of biscuits and gravy, sausage patties, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, mixed fruit, juice, milk and coffee. After the meal, Chaplain Stone presented a short devotional entitled ‘Forgiveness’; reminding us that if we do not forget, we really
haven’t forgiven. Once again it appears that our Branson meeting was a big success. We had a lot of fun with the Halloween party, saw a great show, ate a lot of really good food, both prepared by our members and catered and helped the Ronald McDonald House with our donations. The Van Meter’s returned to Springfield with a car load of donations. We also presented the catering staff with a tip of $204, $164 from members and $40 from the Ozark Winnies. Thanks to everyone for your generosity.
Have a Happy Holiday season and a safe and hopefully warm winter in whatever part of the country you choose to spend it.