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Ohio: Mid-Ohio Winnies

October 08, 2018



The Holkenborg Property in Sandusky, Ohio, was the site of the July Mid-Ohio Winnies campout. Co-hosts Larry & Nancy Holkenborg and Joe & Kathy Loris greeted seven coaches to camp with them in the yard and under the trees.

Thursday’s dinner was outside at the New Sandusky Fish Co. in downtown Sandusky. Most of us moved down the street to the Shoreline Park where there were fewer geese around the picnic tables. Afterwards we drove out to Tofts Dairy for dessert. Campfire and the Cleveland Indian’s game kept us occupied from then on.

As we gathered to drive over to NASA for our tour of the grounds we were joined by Jim & Janet Detwiler and David & Marilyn. John Blakeman, area biologist and expert on the history and nature within the 6,400 acres of NASA’s land, led the driving tour. We stopped at numerous spots for John to tell us about the prairie land, the 1,000 deer and other wildlife which live there, the WWII era bunkers still used for storage or the forest cathedral which is being allowed to revert back to its natural state.

Lunch was on our own but wine, cheese and hors d’oeuvres were shared in the barn in the afternoon. There were also table hockey and ping pong tables to keep us from being bored. Friday dinner was at Chet & Matt’s, a buffet with pizza, wings and salad. Back to the barn after some site seeing around town. It was too hot to sit around a fire so we gathered in the barn in front of the big fan.

Saturday night was the potluck in the barn. The hosts provided fried chicken from Lee’s Chicken down the road. Don & Betty Gehrisch and Dan & Linda Lacey drove in to join us for dinner and our meeting.          

Happy Trails, Chris and Becky Harlan