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Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State Club

August 13, 2013

August: PA had twenty coaches and three coaches registered in another state, but having membership in PA chapters. Eleven of the PA coaches were first-timers.


Monday's PA Party was attended by thirty-nine members and Butch and Becky Moore, our Eastern Area Reps. Several chapters invited first-timers to attend a campout with the hope they would join. Karen Keller passed out survey forms for new design features, asking everyone to fill them out and return to her. We sold some tickets for the Camp Victory Swedish Weave Throw raffle.


Ken and Rosemary again outdid themselves with their decorations. In addition to what was at our state rally, they created a smaller wagon that was pulled in the parade at the opening ceremony. They also made paper-mache rocks for the fire pit and four horses to draw the wagon. However, first place was not meant to be for PA this year. The award went to TX for best decoration in our category. Once again, our decoration will be used at another state rally.


Tuesday was row party night. With the help of many PA members, we were all able to enjoy the festivities. We served Lebanon bologna, Hershey candies, and chips and pretzels from PA companies. We also had a table with crayons and coloring books for the kids and numerous handouts on places to visit in PA. We had a Camp Victory display again this year and raised $200 with the help of Carol Madden who brought attention to our fund-raisers. A special thanks to everyone who pitched in and helped with decorations, PA party, row party, and other functions at GNR.

By Marcel Perusse