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Washington: Sun Catchers

August 12, 2013

Ten Sun Catcher coaches attended the July outing which was held at the Rest A While RV Park in Hoodsport, WA. The attendees were: Dave and Mary Adolphsen, Dave and Judy Beatty, Bob and Clarajane Goux, Bob and Linda Grass, Andy Karlsnes, Tom and Fran Murkowski, John and Dorothy Phillips, Bruce and Sue Purdy, Dave and Ann Salmon, and Tim and Jill Wells. The majority of the club arrived on Thursday and the rest arrived on Friday and Saturday. This year we were on the water side of the park with a great view of the water.


On Friday some of the gals went into Hoodsport and toured the little shops that were there while the rest enjoyed the sunshine. For lunch the group went across the road from the park and had lunch at the Tidewaters Restaurant. Dave and Ann Salmon were our hosts for the weekend and barbecued for dinner.


Saturday brought us another day of glorious weather. Some of us got a little too much of the sun but nothing that a little suntan lotion won't take care of. Some members had gone into Shelton and explored a quilt shop, secondhand store, and a dollar store. Some took a trip into Olympia to exchange a TV while others again enjoyed the weather. Andy Karlsnes and Dave Beatty brought out their remote controlled cars and were racing around the parking lot. Saturday afternoon brought us some nice surprises by having Jim and Peg Brown and also Lee and Norma Ingraham stop by for a visit. For Saturday dinner, each couple chipped in to buy supper. After dinner some members played games, some watched the sunset, and some retired to their rigs.


Sunday morning came and as usual, we had to say goodbye and wish everyone a safe journey home.

By Jill Wells