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Charter Member Club

August 07, 2018

Charter Member Club


14 members of the WIT Charter Member Club arrived at GNR to celebrate Winnebago's 60th anniversary and the 49th GNR. We were saddened to hear on our arrival of the death of Gerald Boman, part founder of WIT and the Charter Member Club.

On Monday July 23rd, we all met at River Oaks for our annual luncheon. We were also saddened to hear of the passing of Laura Light. We were joined by a number of guests: Gerald Boman’s son Greg, Denise Hagen, VP of the Motor Home Division Brian Hazelton, Chad Reece, and the Eastern Area Representatives, Stewart and Tammy Smith. After a toast to our departed members, several of the guests gave us greetings. Chad Reece then informed us of a great honor Winnebago was doing for Gerald Boman and the Charter Member Club.  They were going to plant a Royal Red Oak down by the flagpole at the amphitheater in our honor.

After lunch President Helen Jette called our annual meeting to order. The last order of business was the election of officers. Helen Jette, President; Rick Patterson VP; and June Fischer Secretary. There were no other nominations and so Secretary Fischer cast one ballot for the slate of officers.

10 members of the club gathered Friday evening for the dedication of the tree. After Chad Reece gave a short dedication speech we all took a shovel full of dirt to help plant the tree.  We are all humbled by this honor.