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Louisiana: N'Awlins Winnies

August 07, 2018

JULY 2018
July 2018 was an exciting time for several of the Winnebago Louisiana Pelican members. The official dates for the GNR rally were July 23 – 28, 2018, but you know that some of us can’t wait for the fun to begin.
Andy and Jeanie Bienvenu, Luke and Juanita Bienvenu, Joe and Mandy Kahl, Tony and Shirley Schexnayder, Ken and Mary Smith, Bob and Julie Braddy, and Marcel and Creshia Reynon all arrived on July 17, the first day that the gates were opened for pre-rally. Bob and Julie and Marcel and Creshia were parked in the 50 amp section but the rest of us went to Louisiana Lower D and the fun began. The trees were tall enough to give us plenty of shade. Bob and Julie and Marcel and Creshia were frequent visitors. Later in the week, Bill and Connie Fessler, Tommy and Sandy Tansil, and Whit and Mike Buras arrived but they parked in other sections.
The Wednesday night and Thursday night of pre-rally week brought rain. We were high and dry but no one was allowed to park on Thursday or Friday due to the condition of the grounds. Saturday and Sunday brought many coaches in to park.
Luke cooked us beignets one morning. Luke is a bee-keeper and he had fresh honey for our beignets. Luke and Juanita went on the Spam museum tour and learned much more about Spam than they ever thought was possible. They also made a trip to the Hobo museum with Andy and Jeanie.
Of course, everyone wanted to know if we were serving jambalaya for row-party day. Andy answered their questions by providing a pot full of jambalaya that was delicious. No one could question how good it was when the pot was scraped clean. Very little washing was needed. The weather was 70 degrees and perfect with a breeze blowing. The Louisiana group was voted “The Best Decorated Group” for our size.  We won a $100 prize for row-party day decorating.
A lot of registration forms for the Louisiana Pelican State Rally were given out to friends who promised that they were coming to visit us. Some were old friends and some were new friends but all assured us that they wanted to participate in the fun and good food that we will be having at our Rally. 
On Tuesday, Wednesday,  and Friday nights, entertainment was provided. Tuesday night, two ladies did a patriotic themed program of music. The audience enjoyed being able to participate with the singers. On Wednesday night, Lee Greenwood appeared.  He told us that he is 75 years old.  It’s hard to believe that entertainers get older, just as we do. His program was very good.  Friday night, brought two men who performed on dueling pianos. They combined a lot of jokes and laughter with their music. All three programs were excellent and enjoyed by all. 
Friday evening and Saturday morning brought goodbyes as our GNR party was ending. Some went North, some went South, but all agreed that we had fun and could hardly wait for the Louisiana Pelican Rally, October 25-28, in Rayne, to begin. Fun, fellowship, and good food are promised when “The Cajuns are Stirring the Pot – Come Pass a Good Time”.
If you didn’t make GNR, come to Rayne. LAISSEZ LES BONS TEMPS ROULER. Let the good times roll.
Submitted: Mary Smith, Secretary
                   N’Awlins Winnies