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Washington: Sun Catchers

July 09, 2018

 The Sun Catchers were invited by several of their members to join them at the Vintage Races at Pacific Raceways in Kent June 29 to July 1st, 2018, where they are stewards and work the timing and control at the SOVREN races. We were encouraged to be flaggers at the turns, help with lining up the racers for the start, or do what they call taping which is writing down the car numbers as they go by in the timing room or observe in the control room in the tower which is a misnomer as there is a lot going on with several people talking on radios to different areas of the track. However, it was the heart of the racetrack. They had control of everything happening on the track including sending out the emergency vehicles when needed.

We had seven coaches there, and we worked several positions during the three days of racing. There were 7 classes of race cars from small bore cars like MGs, Triumphs, Morgans, and Austin Healeys to Formula One cars participating in 5 races with a qualifying race the first morning. It’s a 2 ¼ mile road course with 12 turns and each race was 20 minutes.

We were camped in the infield close to the tower. It would get quite noisy in the tower as the cars came up the hill behind the tower. There was also an announcer in the control room.

The 30th Annual Pacific Northwest Historics Vintage Racing was presented by Northwest Porsche Dealers and benefiting Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Foundation. They treat all the workers very well. Most meals and drinks were provided along with a goody bag with programs, t-shirt and hat, poster, and a bottle of wine.

We certainly learned a lot about the inner workings of a road race and the many hands it takes to run them. Our members Tom & Sherri Masterson are Communications Chief (Tom) and Registration and Starter Chief (Sherri). Linda Grass is Timing and Scoring Chief and John Martinson is Chief Steward which means he has the final word. Glen and Carol Wilhelm and Bob Grass and Gigi Wiexler work Race Control. We hope to do this again next year.


By David Adolphsen