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Massachusetts: Quinebagos

July 06, 2018

Winter Island, Salem, MA  6/28 – 7/1


We had it all! The weekend was hailed by torrential downpours for Thursday and melting to 90's for Saturday and Sunday. The beach was booming. Another wedding on Saturday for us to observe, and the touring of Salem proper was enjoyed by several members. We enjoyed seafood on Friday night in Gloucester and fireside sweets with our trusty "T" showing everyone how you get the fire to stay lit! Of the reserved 11 coaches, one was a no show and one had an unexpected medical schedule change.

We are forever true New Englanders with the know how to make our friends and situations adjust to the unexpected. Tony Paciulli was the captain of our team this weekend and made sure our friends were thought of during their unexpected exit, and as they say: "It's in the mail"!

We all welcomed Mark Whitehouse back from his hip surgery; the cane was his prop for the weekend. Pat & T shared their family from Alabama with us this weekend, they have been traveling north to enjoy our cooler weather....Whoops! Jerry Little & Bonnie Pierce moved into their new home in Plainfield, MA. Excitement was in the air for the upcoming trips many members of our group have planned for the next few weeks. There will be storytelling at Salisbury in September when all the traveling has been done, and everyone arrives home safely.


By Sandy Bates