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Indiana: Indybagos

July 03, 2018

The 2018 June State Outing hosted by the Indybago chapter is in the books. Despite blown tires, uncooperative jacks, rain and illness, it was considered a success. Those attending were Mike & LouAnn Bankowski, Jim & Nina Cope, Scott Feichter, Glen & Janet Gish, Wendell & Joellen Hilligosss, Ron & Tammy Kline, John & Jennifer Krull, Dave & Linda Laird, John & Ida Lucas, Dorothy Michalok, Bill Newcomb & Jean Powell, Brad & Sue Rayl, Gene & Kathy Rieck, Lori Tindall & Mike Pieczko.

The outing officially started on Thursday, but RVs starting rolling in as early as Sunday. There were trips to Stewart’s for repairs, trips to Bontragers for bargain RV parts, and trips to the famous Shipshewana flea market that just couldn’t wait until Thursday. Thursday’s evening meal was highlighted by Dave Laird’s grilled cheeseburgers and hot dogs. The meal was rounded out with side dishes and desserts provided by those attending. No one could say they went to bed hungry.

Friday was spent shopping and seeing the countryside. Lori Tindall held a Pamered Chef demo in the morning that was well attended. As per usual it was a cooking show and Lori drew names for prizes. My name was pulled as the mystery host and I unashamedly took it. Lori has agreed to keep my name out of any future drawings as this was my third time winning. We gathered for dinner at the Blue Gate Restaurant Friday evening for an Amish buffet. Once again we all filled our bellies to the max.

Saturday was another day to prowl around, visit one another, and do a little shopping. Our evening meal was catered by Subway.

Many thanks to all who attended. Thank you to Ron and Tammy for the campfires they provided inbetween rain showers. It was very good to see John and Ida Lucas after their long absence.

Hoping to see more Indybagos at the August outing in Bremen.


By Linda Laird