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North Dakota: Nodak Flickertails

July 03, 2018

Regent, North Dakota was the place for our second campout of the season. Five motorhomes made the trip to this small town of about 105 people. Even though the town is small, they have a lot to offer. We camped at the Enchanted Highway Campground. To get there you start your travel on I-94 and exiting on Exit 72 to reach the Enchanted Highway. To start on the Highway you first see “Geese in Flight” which is viewable for miles on the Interstate. It is a large metal sculpture and was named the world’s largest metal sculpture by “Guinness Book of World Records.” There are seven metal sculptures along the highway between the towns of Gladstone and Regent. A few of the metal sculptures are “Teddy Rides Again,” the “World’s Largest Tin Family,” “Grasshoppers in the Field,” are just a few of the magnificent tin sculptures designed and made by Gary Greff. Each of the sculptures has a parking area and kiosk except “Geese in Flight.” The Enchanted Castle Hotel is another brainy idea of Gary Greff. The Hotel was converted from the old school house building, which is Gary’s latest creation and he is still thinking of making more metal sculptures. The Enchanted Highway consists of some of the world’s largest metal sculptures ever built.

The weekend was perfect with our small group. Potluck on Wednesday evening where everyone brought a dish to share. The same for breakfast Thursday morning where everyone participated, and that makes for a lot for us to eat. Thursday midday the group went to the gift shop and took a break with ice cream in either a cone or cup. Touring the town and the new Enchanted Castle Hotel was a treat. Medieval armors were located throughout the hotel along with Medieval arts. We were amazed at how the old school had been turned into a hotel. The theme of the Castle, “We will treat you like royalty.” We ate supper Thursday night in the Enchanted Castle Hotel in the Medievals Tavern which used to be the stage of the gymnasium. The gymnasium is still there for large affairs, i.e. weddings, conferences, larger banquets.

At the business meeting, the club voted to send a donation to WIT for the youth activities during the week of the Grand National Rally. A motion was made and seconded that the present officers will remain in their respective office for the year 2018. Myron Demers, President, Bob Danielson, Vice President, Donna Grunett, Secretary and Mark Collins, Treasurer. Thanks to our hosts of the campouts who organize our fun time together. For May campout at Brewer Lake were Hilley’s and Danielson’s; for June campout in Regent were, Grunett’s and Evans’. Friday morning breakfast we refer to as “clean out your fridge” and add anything else you want.  Hugs and so long until we see each other again when we meet in Jamestown, ND, August 22-24, 2018.


By Helen Evans