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British Columbia: Fraser Valley Explorers

July 02, 2018

Our May outing was at the Washington State Rally in Cashmere, WA

Monday: Our Fraser Valley Explorers started to arrive at our pre-arranged meeting place, the Tulalip Casino, after 3:00 pm today. Eight coaches in all arrived, and in the shade of the trees in the RV parking area, an impromptu happy hour commenced at 4:00 pm.

One of our members had arranged for dinner for everyone at the Cedars Restaurant in the Casino, near the Hotel entrance. At 6:00 pm, everyone proceeded to the restaurant. The menu had many great choices and with extra large portions, the meals were enjoyed by all. (Some even returned to their coaches with some of their dinner!!)

After dinner, most everyone decided to try their luck in the Casino, with several winners obviously having luck. While it was a warm day, the evening cooled down, making a very pleasant evening/night.

Tuesday: All Explorers were up early, the first group of the caravan getting away at 8:15 am. Right behind them was the second group. It was a great day to travel the Stevens Pass. Our Explorers planned a break at the Coulter Creek Rest Area, arriving around 10:00 am, before proceeding on to Cashmere. Arrival at the Expo Grounds was just before 12:00 pm, where we were welcomed and directed to our parking area. I’m sure we impressed other attendees with all of our coaches arriving at the same time. Regardless, a very safe trip by all.

Our club members from Vancouver Island along with members from the BC Interior arrived in the afternoon giving us a compliment of ten coaches for the Fraser Valley Explorers. Most everyone had the afternoon to set up their coach and renew friendships with the other Washington Club members. Registration for the Rally started at 3:00 pm and then at 5:00 pm everyone gathered together for a welcome social pot luck. This was a great opportunity to search out the folks you would join for the special “Fabulous 50’s” night dinner on Friday.

Wednesday: Activities got underway at 8:00 am with a “Welcome get together” for the first timers at the Rally. Then at 9:00 am, the Official opening ceremonies took place, kicking off the start to the Washington State Rally. The schedule indicated lots of activities including seminars, games, demo RVs, and “Food”. The count would indicate an attendance of 100 coaches, not counting the vendors and sales personnel. A number of seminars were available through the day along with many items for sale from vendors.

At 4:15 pm, outdoor games were arranged along with snacks and beverages. Then at 6:30 pm, an indoor games night was held, attended by many of our Fraser Valley Explorers.

Thursday: A busy day for our Explorers. For some, it started with a game of golf at the local golf course. For others, there were a number of very interesting seminars on Freightliner chassis’, Slides and Leveling Systems, RV Maintenance, and Batteries and Tires.

At 2:00 pm, we all enjoyed the concert put on by the Cashmere High School Jazz Band. It was a great performance. At 4:00 pm, our Chapter meeting was called to order, reviewing the minutes of the previous meeting, some details about the Societies Act progress, along with reports from other directors. During our meeting, our new Northwest WIT Reps, came by to introduce themselves and talk about WIT activities. At 5:00 pm, we all joined the Welcome social hosted by the Peninsula Wits.

A trivia challenge was held at 6:30 pm, with one team made up of our members (Too many US history questions for us). The results were to be given on Saturday Evening. Then, at 7:30 pm, a fun game of Bingo was held with some winners from FVE’s. A good evening for our Explorers.

Friday: Unfortunately, we all woke up to a steady rain in Cashmere, but that didn’t stop our explorers from looking at some new coaches on display from Roy Robinson, visiting the Vendor displays/stores and some additional seminars.

After lunch, the Bean Bag Baseball competition got underway, inside, with our Fraser Valley Explorers doing very well and ending up in the final play off scheduled for Saturday.

At 3:00 pm, a wine and beer tasting was provided, sponsored by a local brewing company, although most of our FVEs were involved with the Bean Bag competition. Also, at 3:00 pm, all of the Fraser Valley Explorers available gathered at President coach to celebrate our Secretary’s birthday. The cake was excellent. Our very special dinner started at 5:30 pm provided by a local caterer. With Meatloaf, Chicken along with the extras, the meal was first class. Then right after dinner, a local band provided us with some of the very best 50s and 60s music this reporter has ever heard. They were fantastic and I think that is the name of the group. A superb musical event. Dancing was certainly a given, enjoyed by all. Recognition was given for the best 50s dress and a couple of our members got honorable mention.

Saturday: Our last day of the Rally started with a Veterans Memorial Ceremony honoring all of our veterans that have passed on, those currently serving and those who had served that were present at the rally. Honorable notice was given to those chapter members who had passed on. Then, along with the viewing of some additional display coaches and the vendor displays, a vintage motor car display was available for viewing. During the day, the hobby show was held with voting on the best items on display.

Right after lunch, an ice cream social was provided by the Inland Empire Explorers and sponsored by the Winnebago RV Insurance. At 2:30 pm, the final game for the Bean Bag Baseball Challenge was held between the Columbia River Rollers and the Fraser Valley Explorers. Regretfully, the winners were the Columbia River Rollers – better luck to our FVE members next time.The dealers sponsored a social at 4:30 pm, put on by the WIT chapter from Oregon. The sun was out and it was a great gathering of folks.

Our final dinner of the rally was also catered by the local caterer and at 6:00 pm we all gathered in the main hall to enjoy roast pork, chicken, a special salad, great bread, and chocolate mousse for dessert. The food was excellent. After dinner, all the awards were given along with a door prize for everyone, provided by the various dealers and RV resorts in Washington and Oregon. It was a fine end to a very busy but fun week.

Sunday: One of our members graciously provided, at 8:00 am, a non-denominational Religious service. It was well done and our thanks to her. Then, it was pack up the coaches and head for home. It was a grand Rally and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The fun was socializing with the members of our own club and also either renewing friendships, or making new ones with the members of the other WIT chapters. A big “Well Done” to all of the WASH-I-BAGOS for the hard work they did to put on such a great rally. Looking forward to the next one.


Our June outing was at the Holiday Park Resort in Kelowna

Monday: The Kelowna 2018 outing began with some of the group arriving to bright sun and warm temperatures. There were 8 rigs and 2 condos in attendance. Monday evening’s happy hour welcomed new members and potential new members.

Tuesday one of our members hosted a BBQ at their Condo for all of us. Everyone brought their own meat to BBQ and Glen & Sharon provided baked potatoes, Caesar salad, and a great s trawberry dessert. Once again the weather cooperated and we were able to eat outside with the odd mosquito to deal with.

Wednesday was a golf day and we were joined by members from the former Wild Rose Club.

Thursday afternoon the sky stared to darken up with some major rain clouds so our heavy appy happy hour convened at the member’s Condo. In typical fashion the appys were all excellent and disappeared fast.

Friday we broke with tradition and had coffee, muffins, and fruit at 9:00 a.m. rather than 8:00 at our hosts site. Following coffee several took an impromptu wine tour in the Lake Country area. Friday evening all gathered at the Roundhouse for a pot luck dinner with the hosts providing roasted pork tenderloin served with a gorgonzola and grape sauce.

Saturday at 9:00 a.m. the group gathered at the Sweetlife building for French toast, coffee, and sausages prepared by some of our male chefs. The gang convened at the Roundhouse on the sundeck for a happy hour followed by a hamburger BBQ. The gift basket donated by Holiday Park was won by one of our members that were celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary.

Sunday ,with the sun out, everyone gathered at our hosts site for coffee, muffins, and fruit. Some members of the group went off to meet family and friends for the day and then the group went to the Turtle Bay Pub for dinner. In general fashion no one went home hungry after another great few days in Kelowna.


By Terri Breitenstein