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Illinois: Cardinal Capers

June 28, 2018


We had another great outing with 23 people and 2 grandchildren attending at our home for the weekend, Country View Campground in Mukwonago, WI.  The owners again let us have the garage for the weekend for our meals, games, and meeting at no charge.  Those camping included Browns, Connetts, Diehl, Frosts, Gastels, Grosses, Korzuns, Olsons, Schulzes, Watnes, guest members Don & Kathi Heller, plus our new WIT Central reps, Butch and Val Peters. Drew and Parker, Ted & Cindi’s grandsons also came.  They were a delight to have along, and helped exercise everyone’s dogs.

Thursday, 6 of our members went to Escape Waukesha, trying to escape from the Titanic room in 1 hour.  They were so close to getting off the ship, but alas, they ran out of time and drowned.  After eating our dogs and more, we had a nice campfire, then a few of us played some rounds of the Fast Track board game.  After our club meeting on Friday morning, we worked on our props for the photo booth for the IL State Rally that we will also be taking to GNR.  Can’t wait for the rally.  Several members checked out the Elegant Farmer and other places in the area, but most of us enjoyed the beautiful weather and relaxed at the campground.  We enjoyed a tour of the Peters’ 2018 Forza, which is very spacious with a beautiful grey color scheme inside.  Richard liked it so well they finally had to kick him out!  We had supper at the Blue Bay restaurant, then retired to the campground to play a Song Guessing game that Ted Gross put together (via cassette tape) over 35 years ago.  We were challenged to guess the names of the songs and artists of 50 tunes!  It was fun reminiscing the old songs and Butch Peters won the grand prize of a beautiful handmade stained glass hanging made by Ted himself.  Saturday we traveled to East Troy and enjoyed breakfast at the Princess Café and then headed to Mukwonago for the Maxwell Street Days Flea market. Delores bought a large plant that she had hanging on the awning until it was time to leave. Grosses took their grandsons to the Railroad Museum in East Troy and took the train ride.  We planned on playing lawn games, but instead enjoyed basking in the shade of several huge Oak trees.  Potluck was a great success again with lots of delicious food and yes, Paula was satisfied with the amount of desserts brought.  Campfire gal Val, helped keep our fire burning until most of us turned in early as the heavy rains last night kept us awake for a couple hours. Pulling out of our sites was not fun, with the trees and tight corners making it too tight for our rigs. We bid a fond farewell to our new Central Reps and our new first-time-camping-with-us-friends Don & Kathi Heller.  Don plans on retiring in 11 months so here’s hoping they will join us on more trips soon.



Crescent City was the setting for the annual IL Indians rally June 20-24.  Those attending were Hickses, Korzuns, Olsons, and Watnes.  The weather was hot, cold, rainy, sunny, windy, and calm. Our Central Reps, Val and Butch Peters, were also in attendance and it was great seeing them and sharing some memories of our May outing with them. Everyone shared stories, attended informative seminars, and enjoyed good food and entertainment.  During the weekend there was some discussion of IL Indians should/would continue because of lack of interest and cooperation from some of the chapters in the state, but the discussion was continued to the September outing. Friday night was special because we went to the Watseka Theater, which was built in the 1930s and has been restored. We enjoyed dinner in their café and then moved into the theater itself.  With the lights dimmed, we watched old black and white cartoons until it was time for the main event – the showing of the classic “The Long, Long Trailer” starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez.  Some of us remembered seeing it years ago, while others had never seen it (and may not have been born?).  All ages laughed at the silliness and even the eight kids in attendance enjoyed it.  Saturday night we had door prize and silent auction drawings, 50/50 drawing, and a special one item giveaway.  Olsons won the most prizes (Paula even blushed a little bit when they won the last one) and Korzuns won the special big ticket item of a 12v/120 refrigerator-freezer, which was donated by Dometic!  Both Dennis and Richard had to use the dolly to get their large items to their cars.  It was a busy weekend with time built into the schedule for some possible naps!  September 20-23 are the dates for the fall outing.


By Paula Olson