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News from your Central Area Reps: Butch & Val Peters

June 13, 2018

News from your Central Area Reps: Butch & Val Peters

It doesn’t seem possible we’ve been on the road now for approximately three months, wow the time has really flown by.  We soon hope to be seeing many of you at GNR, celebrating Winnebago’s 60th birthday.  Here is a little about our travels so far…

We started our travels in Hutchinson Kansas at the Kansas State Rally.  We enjoyed beautiful weather to start the rally, however mother nature decided we needed snow and cold windy temperatures to end the rally. During the rally we enjoyed a murder/mystery dinner, scavenger hunt, and Quilts of Valor presentation, in addition to seminars, lots of really good food, and laughter.

Next, we traveled to Oklahoma for a combined chapter campout of the Green Country Winnies and the Sooner Schooners at Monkey Island RV Park on Grand Lake of the Cherokees.   During the campout we enjoyed a tour of the historic Coleman Theatre built in 1929 to house vaudeville shows.  We returned for a performance later in the weekend.  During this trip we had our first official stop on Route 66 in Commerce Oklahoma, at the Dairy King for lunch. The owners regaled us with stories of Bonnie & Clyde who lived in the town as well as Mickey Mantle.  On the way out of town we stopped and visited Mickey Mantle’s boyhood home.  The rest of the weekend included a hotdog cookout, hayride, games and lots of laughs.  Coincidentally there were professional bass fishermen also camped at Monkey Island during our stay, it was interesting to chat with them as well. 

We had a short trip to join the Ark-a-bagos at Natural Falls State Park, Colcord, Oklahoma.  We went with the club to the children’s hospital in Springdale Arkansas; where the club donated several hundred hats they had made.  We had a short tour of the children’s hospital, which just opened in February 2018.  The Dogwood Festival was taking place during our campout; many visited that.  Butch & I hiked down to Dripping Springs; it was very pretty.  We were introduced to the game “on the bus” which was fun with lots of laughs.  Val made it down to the final two, where she lost.  We enjoyed roasting marshmallows on some “interesting” roasting sticks. We also presented the Ark-a-bagos with their 45th Birthday patch, congratulations!

Next stop, Shawnee Oklahoma for the Oklahoma State Rally.   Mother nature again had plans for interesting weather. Wednesday early arrivals got to evacuate their coaches in the pouring rain due to a tornado a few miles away.  The tornado did not come in our direction and we all have a good story to tell.  The rest of the weekend we enjoyed beautiful weather.   The theme of the weekend was honoring our servicemen & servicewomen, along with first responders.  There were displays of uniforms and memorabilia from club members time in the service showcased – it was very cool to see. 

We were entertained by the infamous “Okiebago Players” on Friday night, this performance I will not soon forget! We enjoyed getting to know people from five states at this rally.  The weekend also included a women’s only tea party, men only RV roundtable, horse racing, beanbag baseball, and various other games that provided lots of laughs and entertainment. 

Save the date: Oklahoma 2019 Rally May 2-5 at Shawnee Expo Center

From here we headed northeast to join the Winnie Poo chapter campout at Allison Lake Storey Park in Galesburg IL.  While the weather didn’t cooperate, and we spent a lot of time inside Dick and Joyce Jones coach, we really had a ton of fun, playing get to know you games and bingo.  There were also four honorary members that came out to join in the fun.

On to Iowa to camp with the Iowa Winnie Hawks at the state club spring meeting at Deer Run Resort in Elkader IA.  We had wonderful weather for most of the weekend, which allowed for outside “happy hour” on a couple of days.  In honor of horse racing season, the ladies had a hat contest, very creative hats ladies!!  We also enjoyed playing a horse racing game one evening, and a good musical duo the next.

The Iowa State Rally will be held July 13-15, 2018 in Amana IA, if you are going to GNR, you may be interested in checking out this rally on your way to Forest City IA.

From here we journeyed out to North Dakota, to camp with the Nodakflicker Tails at Brewer Lake campground. One day lunch was in town at Red Baron, yummy pizza! Adventure RV in Fargo brought out a 2018 View for the club to tour during the campout.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone – lots of good food and laughs, however we were not very lucky at Bingo, haha!

Our next stop, Cushons Peak Campground, Rushford, MN with the Southern Honkers.  This Minnesota chapter held a friends and family outing this time. There were three units of another brand that joined us for the weekend.  Rushford is a beautiful valley setting.  We toured a fish hatchery that breeds only 2 kinds of trout, very interesting process.  Again, we enjoyed good food, are you seeing a trend here? Games included Bingo again, this time our luck improved!

We traveled to Mukwanago, WI to camp with the Cardinal Capers, an Illinois chapter.  We started out with a good old-fashioned hotdog roast over a campfire, everyone brought sides to share. Maxwell Street Days Flea Market was held this weekend also, featured many vendors to browse.  We played Guess the Song, which a club member put together. You received 1 point for the name of the song and 1 point for the artist.  There were 50 songs, out of that Butch got the most points – I was surprised!

We look forward to seeing many of you at GNR which is quickly approaching.  Remember all Winnebago owners are welcome this year.  Travel safely!

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag


Butch and Val Peters