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Massachusetts: Pilgrim Winnies

June 13, 2018

This past weekend, Cape Cod transformed into the magical place known to all New Englanders as "the Cape". Ariel views were taken by our Massachusetts State President with a time lapse collection of rigs filling up spaces on the fair grounds as the weekend drew nearer.

The school bus arrived after sunrise on Thursday morning to take 39 people to Falmouth Harbor for a cruise to Martha's Vineyard. Travelers were welcomed from Pennsylvania, Florida, South Carolina, as well as our neighboring states of Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island.

Meanwhile, progress was made with setting up tables and chairs, tables for raffle assortments, stage for Friday and Saturday night's entertainment, decorations, friendship walk baskets, a list so long that hours of preparation before we all arrived as well as lists to accomplish for all the worker bees it takes to promote, feed, entertain, hook up to, and just enjoy each other in the mad dash to make this a spectacular weekend! This was accomplished!

Friday was a day to wrap yourself in the culture of "the Cape", whether it be hiking, walking the beautiful fair ground gardens, shopping, or enjoying the multitude of sight seeing events, others were mesmerized with the local seafood cuisine. It is always nice to arrive at a rally early to take advantage of the surroundings and just renew friendships! Jim Pierce provided some special singing numbers during open mic time after our light dinner and popular ice cream social.

Saturday was "hit it out of the ball park" wonderful! We were fed the now famous pineapple pancakes with sausage breakfast by the dynamic trio. There were the new coaches to view and wine and cheese offerings, thanks to Flagg RV. Seminars were well attended for the do it yourself buffs, information with convection ovens, medical information for the traveler and vendor teaching moments. Bean Bag baseball was on the schedule as well as the Friendship Walk, catered BBQ dinner was all you could eat (where ever has this happened?), and The BackTrack Band entertainment which drew an audience the entire night. No going to bed early for most of us!

Sunday was a gorgeous day on "the Cape". The warmth of the sun after the harsh New England winter weather felt so comforting that our sunburns were tolerated and welcomed. This was a day to celebrate our  rally end, congratulate each other for a wonderful effort, and thank each one for the sacrifice he/she gave! The Massachusetts hosted 2018 New England Rally is officially over. Thank you All!


By Sandy Bates