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California: San Diego Rolling Homes

May 16, 2018

Looking forward to the Shore’s hosting us at Tucalota Springs! Keep in mind you can finally relax as there’s no cell signals there, so don’t even try. Just take a deep breath and realize it’s time to sit back and enjoy a cool breeze, a cold drink and great company! There’s horseshoes, some quiet fishing, and for those who want a trip around the highway corner, wine-tasting. There’s also some great off-roading, ridges and valleys between Temecula, Hemet and Idlewild.

It’s getting to be the warm time of year, so make sure you’ve checked out your AC units and fans, make sure your solar panels are clean and it’s always good to make sure your batteries are topped off. Does anyone have an annual checklist of maintenance & tune-ups they do on their RV to share?

As mentioned previously, each member should be thinking of a month, as well as a location, for an event that they would like to host. The main duties are to secure reservations, decide on the meals, and perhaps plan an activity. There are plenty of experienced club members to help. At this time, we still have September & October this year available as unhosted. And there’s still next year to jump in on, also!

I hope this newsletter finds you, your family, & friends well and ready to move on. Tell someone how much they mean in your life! We look forward to seeing everyone at Tucalota Springs ~ in the meantime, happy trails!

By Dan Prijic