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New York: Windmill Winnies

May 16, 2018

 We would like to thank our hosts, Les and Georgia Bonesteel for arranging this wonderful luncheon to start out our camping season. We had our own room to enjoy our camping friends and to enjoy our wonderful tasting food. And if you left hungry, as their portions were ample, then it was your own fault. A lot of us left with leftovers for home.

A great time was had by all and catching up on the latest and discussing what everyone was going to do this summer. Several members will be going to GNR in July. And a few of us are going in early June to the New England Rally on the Cape. We have our lineup of outings all lined up thanks to David Portzer. Our first one is next week in Copake and so far there are only 4 rigs and we have room for 2 more. Details below. Let’s go RVing!

On another note, as you now know, we are in need of a Vice President. The VP's role is to contact the campsites that are voted on and to make the arrangement for the club. At our meeting it was decided to go back to the same campsites next year. But a couple of suggestions were made to check out a couple of new ones. Please volunteer!


By Ginny Krug

President, Windmill Winnies