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Wisconsin: Wisconsin State Club

May 16, 2018

Well we finished our first camp out of the year at Country Roads, Lake Delton.  I know Nancy and I had fun even though our water heater quit working.  I am sure everyone is tired of hearing about the water heater!  Our heartfelt thanks to Carolyn and Ed Loomis who worked very hard to make this camp out a great success.  Thank you, both!  

Well, with one down and several more to go, it is time to move on to getting registered for the June camp out at Russell Memorial Park Camp Ground, (715) 333-7948.  Please get your reservations in soon and join us! Joe and Ann Nycz will run a fun camp out.  Please join us June 26 - 28.

Also, anyone interested in attending the camp out Sept. 18-20, 2018 at the Wagon Trail Campground, Door County, (920) 854-4818 should make their reservations soon, as they are only holding the sites until June 1st.


By Greg Miller