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Ohio: Buckeye Winnies

May 16, 2018

The Buckeye Winnies had a wonderful start to this year’s camping season thanks to Carol and Al Morrison! Those in attendance were as follows: Judy and Dick Radosevic, Nancy and Mike Conley, Joanne and Jim Brown, Nancie and Rick Stephenson and, of course, our wonderful hosts Carol and Al Morrison.

Friday was relaxation and a pizza party. There was also WMT brownies and ice cream. There was a discussion regarding 23 and me throughout the weekend. I believe it was concluded Al does not have any DNA.

Saturday morning our hosts prepared a delightful breakfast for all to enjoy including pancakes, sausage, hand-picked frozen berries, juice, coffee, etc. After breakfast a discussion was had regarding a very interesting looking tree. Our host, Al, was quick to point out it was a locust tree. Of course, this had to be confirmed by Google, which proved Al to be correct. That afternoon some campers crocheted, while others just relaxed outside and enjoyed the wonderful weather. Others took a power nap.

Saturday evening started off with dinner at BBQ Smoky Bones. Both the food and service were excellent!

A cozy campfire under the stars concluded a wonderful day.

Sunday morning started off with a continental breakfast prepared by our hosts Carol and Al, followed by our meeting. After the meeting some campers went for a walk while others decided to take a power nap.

Following Buckeye Winnies tradition, lunchtime was the famous Buckeye Winnies weenie roast. Rick got the weenie grilling fire started. Judy’s friend Janet joined us for the weenie roast. I must say she appeared very impressed. Another interesting discussion ensued regarding the correct way to roast a hot dog. Nancy Conley referred to Oscar Mayer’s website for some guidance. Nancie did not agree with Oscar Mayer and therefore is not including it in the Newsletter. Everyone knows (or should know) hot dogs are not grilled properly unless they are black and have started on fire at least once when grilling! If you disagree, you have no idea what you are missing. Her husband would say, you are missing burnt food!

All good things must come to an end.


By Nancie Stephenson