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Illinois: Fourwinds Winnies

May 14, 2018

Wow, thirty years has just flown by.  Yes this weekend we celebrated 30 years as the Fourwinds Winnies.  Four of our Charter members were present, Les and Donna Reinert and Everett and Carol Johnson. Also present were Bob and Beth Todd, Rich and Sherry Wieland, Mary Zumwalt, and Bill and Peggy Little.   We did a lot of reminiscing and looked at a lot of pictures.  We shared that we had just enjoyed a phone visit with Glenna Kuntzman, the founder of Fourwinds Winnies.  She now lives in Texas and is dealing with Parkinson’s.  Everett took pictures until 2006-2007 and then decided that no one seemed interested and quit the historian task.  It was fun for us oldies to look back, but for the newer members, not so much.  So now the question is:  What do we do with all the old pictures, minutes, newsletters, etc.?? If anyone has suggestions, please share them with us.

 Mary Zumwalt’s daughter, Elizabeth and hubby Adam invited us to come and play at their miniature golf business and graciously fed us all hot dogs and drinks.  Several of us ladies hit a few garage sales and also strolled through the Artisian Fair that was being held at Courthouse Square in Effingham.  It’s always good to see the works of the crafters in the Effingham area.  Then we made a stop at Hodgen’s Mills store to check out all their new milling products which are made right in Effingham.  Our Camp out was at Camp Lakewood in Effingham.  It’s our annual visit there and everyone seems to like it, in fact so much so that we reserved our spaces for May 2019.

Saturday evening ten of us enjoyed a lovely dinner at Niemerg’s Restaurant in Effingham.  They are known for excellent fried chicken and a great salad bar.  Fourwinds Winnies treasury picked up the tab.  We then all headed back for cake and ice cream.  The Reinert’s furnished the beautifully decorated Fourwinds Winnies chocolate/white cake and the Todd’s furnished the ice cream. 

Carol finished off the wonderful weekend on Sunday morning with a short devotional.  It was an enjoyable weekend, and the weather cooperated as well.

Now we look forward to our June outing at D&W Campground at Champaign, IL.   Sherry just informed me that Sky Med Reps will also be attending that meeting and will provide Sub sandwiches for us on Friday evening, so save your hot dogs for the July meeting.  We’ll still be eating out on Saturday night, somewhere to be decided.    Ladies, this must be the time when we activate our WAC Club membership (WAC stands for We Ain’t Cook’in!)

Till next time, Happy Trails. 

By Carol Johnson