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Missouri: Ozark Winnies

May 14, 2018

Missouri: Ozark Winnies


The first Ozark Winnies chapter meeting of the year was held at Lazy Day RV Park in Danville, MO, May 4-6. The Ozark Winnies and the Chief Winnies unknowingly made reservations for the same weekend. We each conducted our individual meetings, but we did join forces for meals on two occasions.

Several State Club meeting attendees stayed at Treasure Lake RV Resort for a few more days after the state club meeting, while others went home for what probably seemed like a few hours before heading to Montgomery City/Danville. Several attendees arrived on Wednesday to avoid driving in the forecasted rain. Ten units found their way to Danville.

Fourteen of the group went to Dos Primos in Montgomery City for a very good Mexican meal on Wednesday evening. After dinner five of the guys retired to the clubhouse for a card game.

Rough weather in the form of thunderstorms moved in during the night, but the forecasted rain for Thursday didn’t arrive. The day was spent relaxing, playing games, and visiting Crane’s store in Williamsburg. Crane’s Country Store has been in business since 1926. It started in 1898 as Crane’s General Store in Mineola, MO. A museum was opened in 2004, which features the collection of 4 generations of Crane’s. A very interesting place to visit. If you want it, Crane’s probably has it.

President Joy prepared chicken parmesan and eggplant parmesan, others too numerous to mention provided sides, salads, and desserts for dinner that evening. Twenty-one were at the clubhouse for the delicious meal. Games and visiting were once again the activity for the evening.

On Friday a ‘winery’ group had lunch at the Wurst Haus in Herman before sampling wines at Bias Winery, Oak Glen, and Adam Puchta Winery. Then they went home for naps!! It appears more likely that they went home to pass out!! Others visited Crane's Country Store and Museum, while some spent the day relaxing. On Friday evening we combined with the Chief Winnies and celebrated a time honored tradition: ‘enough food to feed an army’ pot-luck dinner. As always the food was delicious. After dinner Glen Commons of the Chiefs read an original poem about RV-ing. His poem will be published in the next newsletter so everyone can enjoy it. Some of the group joined the Chief Winnies at the campfire while others stayed at the clubhouse for cards and socializing.

While the hosts provided some suggestions, no planned activities were scheduled on Saturday. One of the suggestions was a cycling event Tour of Hermann Gravel Challenge. No one participated. Makes one wonder if it was the word cycling or challenge. Once again, Crane’s Country Store and Marlene’s was the destination for several. Chocolate malts were a big draw.

Saturday evening found the group at Café 19 in Montgomery City for dinner. The food was good, and our server did a fantastic job of taking care of us. Jerry and Beverly Pogue of the Gateway Winnies joined us for dinner. We then returned to the clubhouse for a short special business meeting. John and Ruth then gave us a short slideshow of their trip to the Rose Parade. Beautiful pictures of floats. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It was then card games and visiting.

On Sunday morning the hosts provided a continental breakfast of bacon, fruit bowl, pastries, and coffee. Since our chaplain was not in attendance, we did not have a devotional. A couple stayed another night before heading to their next destination. The rest headed home so they could rest for a couple of days or to Forest City or Moscow for repairs. The next Ozark Winnies activity is the 4th Annual Ozark Winnies Caravan. The next ‘meeting’ will be at GNR. See you there.

Thanks to the hosts for this meeting, Bergant, Eaheart, and Mahaffey. Good job.