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April 13, 2018

Honorary Member Don Barklage, W124145 passed away on March 27, 2018 at the age of 92 at their home in Dewey, AZ. Don is survived by his wife of 39 years, Shelby, several children and step-children.

Don and Shelby were long time members of the WIT Club, Winnie-MO-Tasca Missouri State Club, Ozark Winnies and former Hillbilly Rollers local chapters. They became honorary members in 2017 when they sold their motorhome and relocated to Arizona.

Don was a WWII veteran, a governing member of the Lion’s Club and enjoyed driving their motorhome to the age of 91.

Don’s final wishes were for everyone to enjoy life and to raise a glass in his memory. Don, consider it done. Here’s to you. If only we can all drive our Winnebagos until we are 91. 


Floyd Nielsen, honorary member W67611, passed away March 28th, 2018 after a short illness. Floyd and his wife Theo lived in Pocahontas, Iowa and were long time members of the Iowa Corn Belt Campers. Floyd was 94 years young and only recently had to give up his camper. Floyd was a  navigator on a B17 bomber in WW 11 and a proud veteran.

He was very active in our club and held many of the offices. He always enjoyed being camp host, sitting around the campfire and setting up club caravans. He will be missed by all.


Pat Atherton, W100514, passed away. She was a member of the WIT Singers Club. She will be greatly missed. 


George Gallaway, W136943, passed on February 22, 2018. He is survived by his wife Kathleen. George served 2 terms as president and 2 terms as vice president of River City Winnies of Ohio. George was also a proud veteran. His wife Kathleen served as President and other board positions also. Together they were a dynamic influence on the success of the club. Both were members for over 10 years. Everyone loved George!