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Florida: Buccaneer Winnies

April 06, 2018

Florida: Buccaneer Winnies

We certainly had a wonderful time with our Savannah/Charleston caravan trip. Although the weather could have cooperated just a little more, it was still good being able to gather and enjoy new sites and sounds. Perhaps during early Spring months we should head south … not north!

Most of us are home by now, except for the adventurers Carl and Sue! The ride back for us, and I imagine most of you, was a little long and tedious since I do believe that EVERYONE was coming to Florida for the Easter holiday! Whew!

You can see from the pictures in our newsletter that there were a lot of smiling faces, good food and gorgeous sites.

A special thank you goes out to Donna and Ben for setting us up with great campsites and doing a lot of foraging for fun things to do. Your chili was delicious, Ben, and filled a great spot for all of our weary travelers. And the potluck offerings, were as usual, excellent.

And Judy, we appreciated your tons of tourist books that  helped us find interesting things to do in Savannah and Charleston, too… and you also, Sarah, for getting us into Savannah's Home and Garden Beauty walk for the women and Rick for moving the guys toward the Air Force Museum.  Everyone contributed to the caravan event which made it so special! Carl . . . appreciated your stories as we gathered about Rick’s blazing campfire. And Darvin and Barb, who could forget our almost makeshift operating venue and then all of the challenges you faced re: motorhome power! Thank you. Thank you all.

Merrily Miller