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Nevada: Washoe Winnies

April 02, 2018

Nevada: Washoe Winnies

The Washoe Winnies held their March St. Patrick's Day Meeting at Red’s BBQ in Carson City with 20 members in attendance. This was also the election of officers for 2018. President Rittel had encouraged everyone to wear green.

After a very nice luncheon, President Michelle Rittel opened the meeting. The usual reports were given, including a report by Wagonmaster Danny Rittel about the 2018 campouts.

Marv Jensen then reported on the Nominating Committee. The first thing was to entertain a motion to make the Wagonmaster an officer. A motion was made seconded and the motion passed. The Wagonmaster is now an officer.

Marv then read the slate for the various offices asking for any additional nominations from the floor for the various offices. Seeing none Marv asked for a motion to elect the officers as presented. Motion made seconded and passed.

Past President Dave Tiongco was the installing officer and he followed the WIT procedure, including the use of the candles when installing each officer.

The usual 50/50 raffle was won by Adrienne Tiongco. In addition, the Rittel’s gave two prizes for the members with the best St. Patrick’s Day apparel. To be fair the judges were a waitress and a waiter from the restaurant.  First prize went to Marion Panter and second to Marv Jensen.

There being no further business President Michelle adjourned the meeting.

By Marv Jensen