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Illinois: Cardinal Capers

March 02, 2018

Our February luncheon was at a favorite, Cherry Valley Cafe. Everyone arrived at our usual 15 to 30 minutes early, were seated, and proceeded with coffee drinking. Those attending were Browns, Gastels, Grosses, Korzuns, Olsons, Reding, and a new couple, Sue and Bill Tucker. As it would be Richard's birthday on the 17th and it was Ginger's on the 11th some sneaky person or persons alerted the restaurant and the birthday kids were treated to a dish of ice cream with a candle in the center while the staff and Capers serenaded the youngsters. It was a very enjoyable day and the food was scrumptious as we knew it would be, and the camaraderie was lively as it always is when our Capers get together. Gastels had 13 inches of snow last week as did most people who "love it" (Ha-Ha) which is why we winter in ILLINOIS!

By Barb Watne