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Missouri: Ozark Winnies

February 23, 2018

The ‘anti-snow bird/Winter Texan’ Ozark Winnies members made it a point to get together several times over the winter. On Friday, December 22, eight Ozark Winnies members met at TGIFriday’s in Springfield, MO for lunch. Attending were Bergants, Murphys, Stones and Van Meters. All enjoyed a good time together and a good meal.

On January 20, twenty-two of our group met at the Olive Garden in Springfield. Attending this event were Battistonis, Bergants, DuBrocks, Flaschs, Huffs, Johnsons, Murphys, Smiths, Stones, Van Meters and Vincis. A great turnout and once again all enjoyed a good time together and a good meal.

On January 24, fifteen Winnebago owners met at Cortino’s Italian Restaurant in Weslaco, TX for the 6th (or maybe only the 5th) annual Winnie-MO-Tasca Winter Reunion hosted by the Chief Winnies. This get together has been opened to non-Winnie-MO-Tasca member Winnebago owners in recent years. Several attendees were from locations other than Missouri. Ozark Winnies members attending this event were Parsons, Stewards and Wollins. The attendance this year was less than years past due to some of our members staying in Missouri for the winter, others traveling to Arizona or Florida and the Valley Crud, a respiratory illness that affected almost everyone in the Rio Grande Valley. Even though the numbers were less than past years, a good time was had by those attending. If one wants to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in the Rio Grande Valley, Cortino’s is the place to visit; very good food.

We made plans to meet again on February 13 at the Longhorn Cattle Company in San Benito. In addition to the delicious meats, the Cattle Company is known for their world famous pinto bean soup. There were twenty-two attending this outing. Ozark Winnies members attending were Mastis, Parsons, Spenes, Stewards and Wollins. It was good to see that Rocky and Vicki made it out of cold Missouri to cold south Texas. Although the weather was not nice on the day of their arrival, it did warm up to what Ozark Winnies members go to south Texas to experience.

On February 17, seventeen of the group were going to meet at Reeds Spring Pizza Company in Reeds Spring, MO. The weather turned out to be not good for those traveling any distance, so this event was cancelled. Even though it was cancelled, four adventurous souls still showed up for the pizza and pasta; the Bergants and DuBrocks. It was a bittersweet time, as the DuBrocks have sold their condo in Branson and are moving to the Chicago area where their family resides. They will be missed. They were a big part of the Ozark Winnies.

By Terry Parsons