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WIT Club Team Shares 2018 GNR News

February 03, 2018

We’re finalizing our plans for the upcoming Grand National Rally to be held July 23-28 – “Red, White & W” in celebration of Winnebago’s 60th Anniversary.

Every Winnebago is welcome at GNR!

This year we're making one change to GNR that we want to tell you about. We are opening registration to any Winnebago brand product owner whether or not they belong to WIT Club. In talking with many Winnebago owners we have found that they don’t understand WIT and all the social opportunities it provides. We think this will be a great way to widen interest and membership. Of course, the huge majority of attendees are WIT Club members and we think you’re the best ambassadors for the Winnebago brand. 

Inviting all Winnebago owners, and any of the grandfathered brands already eligible for WIT Club membership, RV owners will have the opportunity to experience GNR vendor seminars, activities, and entertainment along with all of you. The best part is they also can get to know the value of being a WIT Club member. We hope your clubs and chapters will take advantage of welcoming all these prospective members to your gatherings during GNR week. As many of you who’ve attended in the past know, GNR is a great opportunity to make friends from across north America.

Of course, as a valued WIT Club member, you will receive a discounted GNR registration fee – see for registration details. Registration is now open and you can save money by taking advantage of our “early bird” rate.

We’re really looking forward to celebrating Winnebago’s 60th with you this July in Forest City. If you’ve followed the brand you know that the company is hitting on all cylinders with innovative new products, record breaking sales, and a rising stock price. Along with that is a fresh new energy to create new programs and opportunities to enhance our owners’ experiences. We are excited to carry on old traditions while, at the same time, start building some new ones too.