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Virginia: Tidewater Tascas

January 12, 2018

November−The Eggemeyers and the Hannafords hosted the weekend. There is nothing like enjoying a campout on the coldest weekend (so far) of the year!

On Friday, we were treated to yummy Italian beef sandwiches, salad, and desserts. After dinner, some of us went inside to Neil and Pat’s where we enjoyed a fun game of Wits & Wagers with a side of adult beverages. We also enjoyed the company of our guests for the weekend, Kelly and Bev and their dog, Margot.

On Saturday, there was the famous “Tasca” breakfast and meeting. Then, some of us took advantage of the outlets while others spent the day watching football and enjoying time with friends.

Saturday evening we met at La Tolteca Mexican Restaurant for dinner. The Fryes were fashionably late as they went to the wrong restaurant. But, hey! It happens! Some of us who are not to be named (ahem, Alan) have shown up at the wrong campground! That’s how the Tidewater Tascas keep it interesting!

After dinner, we met back at the pavilion where we played a very intense game of Left, Right, Center. It was a real nail-biter as the last two “men” standing were four-year old Molly and her Pop Pop, 75-year old Phil. Ultimately, Pop Pop won the pot but shared “some” of his winnings with Molly and her sister, Ellie.

On Sunday morning, we bundled up and met at the pavilion to enjoy some pastries and say our “farewells until next times!”

By Elizabeth Eggemeyer