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Pennsylvania: Capitol Hill Winnies

January 09, 2018

December-On Saturday Nov. 4, we had the pleasure of hosting and interacting with all CAW members who came to Hoss’s in Enola, PA to attend the Fall Fundraiser. It was a very good day for our CAW charity, Camp Victory, because we raised $974 to benefit the camp. In total for 2017 we turned $1,672.00 over to Camp Victory for their use to help run and maintain the camp.

A silent auction was conducted to sell donated items that the attending members brought to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The successful bidder then gave a check made out to Camp Victory or cash as payment for their purchases.

Items that were donated included RV items, candy, household items, bird feeders and seeds, and many other assorted useful items including a large, blue US Postal Mail Box bank.

We all ordered our lunch from the menu and enjoyed each other's company over a good meal. Following lunch President Ken conducted a business meeting. Everyone left with a good feeling of helping Camp Victory with their donations.

By Duane and B Pysher