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California: Hi-Desert Rig Runners

January 09, 2018

California:  Hi-Desert Rig Runners

October-Wagonmasters Greg and Karla Bechner and co-wagonmasters Larry and Shirley Zollinger and Tommy arrived early on Tuesday, Oct. 17 to ensure the scheduled coaches had their sites open for their arrival.

The wagonmasters welcomed the arrival of seven coaches to the Mountain Valley RV Park in Tehachapi California the site of the outing. Joining the wagon masters at the outing were Greg and Nancy Walczynski, Bob and Paula Gorges, Lorraine Brockway, Joe and Sherrie Martineau, and John and Linda Walsh.

After settling in, the group carpooled to have dinner at the Village Grill Diner in Tehachapi, a short distance from campground. Arriving back in camp everyone settled back into their rigs to rest up after the long day's drive.

Wednesday after breakfast we left camp and traveled to the Pulford Apple Tree Orchard which grows 18 of the 2,500 varieties grown in the United States. After sampling featured apples and a short orientation by the owner, several pecks were purchased by club members for future consumption. There also was a maze made from hay bales we all traveled through, and not a single club member was lost!

After the apple orchard we carpooled to the Tehachapi Train Loop. The train loop is a famous double track railroad line which draws people to view an engineering feat where the train (up to 1.4 miles long) spirals over itself as it climbs 77 feet of elevation. This engineering feat has been named one of the railroad wonders of the world and is designated as a CA Historical Landmark. After the viewing it was off to eat lunch at a restaurant in Keene, a short distance away.

Next it was on to a visit to the National Cesar E. Chavez Center, managed by the National Park Service. This is a 7,000 sq. ft. visitor's center with galleries, including Cesar’s preserved office, library, and memorial gardens where he and his wife are buried. A short film was featured highlighting his life as a civil rights and Latino farm labor leader, spiritual and community leader, and champion of social change.

Arriving back in camp, the remainder of the afternoon was open. After everyone rested we had our Club Chapter Meeting. Dinner was provided by the Wagon Masters consisting of pulled pork sandwiches and all the fixings and homemade cookies.

Thursday we carpooled to downtown Tehachapi for a walking tour and day of exploration, including a guided tour of the Tehachapi Railroad Museum and Depot filled with railroad artifacts and exhibits. The depot is an exact replica of one of the few buildings previously destroyed in the 1952 earthquake. The group had lunch at an authentic German bakery serving traditional pastries and goodies.

Arriving back in camp there was a chili cook-off where four pots of chili were prepared to share with all wowing the judges Greg and Larry. First place went to Linda Walsh; second place went to Sherrie Martineau; third place went to Nancy Walczynski; and fourth place went to Paula Gorges. Prizes were handed out accordingly.

While the chili dinner was settling, co-wagon master Larry called a rousting game of card bingo where the lady members of the club kept him hopping. Between all the laughter, the game finally finished a little later than usual and it was back to the RVs for the night.

Friday the wagonmasters provided a getaway breakfast with everyone saying their “goodbyes” until we see each other next month.

By Greg Walczynski