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California: Hi-Desert Rig Runners

January 09, 2018

California:  Hi-Desert Rig Runners

November-On Nov. 14, the Childs and Gurys, Wagonmasters, arrived at Caliente Springs Resort for the November HDRR Outing. We had a total of nine rigs arrive at the campground, including the Gorges, Beckners, Martineaus, Gilbertsons, Margie Morrison, Lorraine Brockway, and the Gurys and Childs.

As the members arrived at the resort, they were escorted to their sites by Randy and Darrell. After getting set-up, members gathered for an afternoon of relaxation and decision. That evening, all members caravanned to Sherman’s Deli in Palm Desert for a great dinner. Guests of Clare & Orin, Linda and Tom Harris joined us for dinner. They are prospective members for our group.

On Wednesday afternoon, Karen conducted a craft class for all members. The meeting was held later that afternoon. The 2018 outing schedule was finalized and we now have wagonmasters and Co-wagonmasters for all the outings. Thanks to the Walshs and Martineaus for stepping up so early in their membership to be wagonmasters.

The nomination of officers for 2018 was announced, and Karla Bechner was nominated for president, Karen Childs for Vice-President, Paula Gorges for Secretary, and Lorraine Brockway for Treasurer. After the meeting, members were treated to a baked potato bar for dinner, which included many toppings, and Barbara’s delicious pumpkin soup. Margie then conducted card bingo as the evening wound down.

On Thursday, members caravanned to Woody’s Palm House in Palm Springs for a wonderful lunch. Later that afternoon, many members caravanned to the Palm Springs Village-Fest for an evening of fun and entertainment.

On Friday morning, the Gurys and Childs hosted a get-away breakfast for members as everyone said goodbye. We want to thank everyone for their help throughout the outing.

By Greg Walczynski