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Florida: Buccaneer Winnies

January 09, 2018

November-Finally, the weather in FL was perfect for an outdoor gathering of our group with happy hour at our RVs instead of inside a building.

We had dinner and a good time at the Phillippi Creek Village Restaurant & Oyster Bar and everyone toured Merrily and David's newest VISTA RV.

This year's auction was the BEST! Edwin is the best auctioneer around, he really outdid himself. He was exceptional! Everyone had a great time as well. We purchased a lot of goodies and helped add to the chapter funds. What a fun and monetarily rewarding eventu2012everybody bid on everything. Edwin kept selling and we kept buying. Of course we needed everything we bought.

During our Buccaneer Winnies meeting, we made plans for upcoming meet-ups and fine-tuned plans for our Holiday Meet-Up in December. We worked together to plan some fun campouts and our 2018 caravan to Savannah.

By David Rosenblatt