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Michigan: Motor Cities Winnies

January 09, 2018

October-We were all greeted by Yogi Bear as we came into the Jellystone Campground in Frankenmuth for our last campout of the season, which was held Oct. 27 - 29. Steve and Marie Van Hart and Bill Battle arrived at Jellystone on Wednesday, Oct. 26 to make sure that everything was set for the campout since they were wagon masters along with Gail Battle who came in on Thursday, Oct. 27 with Buster.

The Ruths, Atkinsons, Pete Romanchuk (Jaki came in on Friday), and the Dunns arrived on Thursday. It was good to see the Dunns since this was their first campout of the year with MCW, except for GNR. Since all MCW members know that we always eat well, so of course there was food involved. We went to Tiffany's for dinner on Thursday.

On Friday, the women (Judy Ruth, Melinda Dunn, Gail Battle, Janet Atkinson, Marie Van Hart) went shopping in Frankenmuth. Then it was time for lunch, and the women went to Z Chef's Cafe in the basement of Zehnders.

After lunch, it was time to shop some more so Judy Ruth drove the women to the Birch Run Premium Outlets. The women were shopped out and returned to Jellystone.

While the women shopped, the men (Bert Ruth, Bob Dunn, Bill Battle, Steve Van Hart) went out shopping, too. The men ate at Dead Creek Saloon near Frankenmuth. Of course, the men made it back before the women and spent less.

Sunshine Director, Jaki Romanchuk, had a birthday on Oct. 20 but since she sends out the birthday and anniversary cards to the rest of us, she didn't send one to herself. So at dinner on Friday, Jaki was given a birthday card from MCW. We really appreciate all that she does for us.

On Saturday MCW provided breakfast at the shelter house. Everyone enjoyed their breakfast and the time to visit with each other.

Following breakfast, there was free time until the MCW meeting, which was attended by the fourteen members who camped at Jellystone plus Bob and Bev Garcia, Joy Stolz, and Bob and Jan Ziegler, who came for the day.

After the meeting, there was a potluck dinner with cooked by Bob Garcia, Bill Battle, and Steve Van Hart. Ifanyone lefthungry, it was their own fault!

Following dinner, the Garcias, Zieglers, and Joy Stolz headed for home while the rest of us headed back to our motorhomes. Except a few of us stayed to play Card Bingo. Bob Dunn won more games than any of the rest of us. How lucky!

A continental breakfast was served at the shelter house on Sunday morning, and we visited for a while until saying our goodbyes. Following breakfast, it was time to collect our name board from the totem pole and winterize coaches for the season, head to warmer weather, or just stick it out in the colder climate in Michigan, So until we meet again!!

By Marie Van Hart