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Ohio: Maumee Valley Winnies

January 08, 2018

November-Saturday night was one of those damp cold dreary nights when you think it would be good idea to have a fire in the fireplace and curl up with a good book.

We ventured out to Sullivan’s in Wauseon where we met with the MVW group. Immediately the mood changed. We were with the friendliest group you ever wanted to meet. It was like going toa campground to meet and enjoy the weekend.

Everyone was mingling and talking about winterizing their campers and their plans for the winter. The lucky ones among the group who were going to warmer climates told of some of their upcoming plans for the coming months. It was just great to talk to people you haven’t seen in a month.

The food was delicious, at least I did not hear any complaints at my table. The service we received was great. After dinner the new members introduced themselves to the group. There were 44 members of the MVW in attendance. It was truly a great turnout. Thanks to the work done by the Wagon Masters Dave and Deb Brenner and Cris and LeAnna Hastin.

By Sharon Viers