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Arkansas: Ark-A-Bago

January 08, 2018

Arkansas:  Ark-A-Bago

November-Our November Club Rally was held Oct. 30 through Nov. 3 at Eureka Springs, AR. Those Bagos attending were Bolte, Brandes, Ford, Gould, Grice, Harris, Kadrzynski, Matthews, Norris, Rozeboom, Sims, Tillman, and Weaver. Mike Griffith joined us for our Thanksgiving Dinner on Tuesday—and we had a delightful visit with fellow WIT Members, Stuart & Linda Mack, from Rose Hill, KS.

Sunday, we arrived and set up our sites. The social hall was available for visiting and table games.

Monday, morning we had an agenda planning meeting to set-up the week’s activities. The book-swap tables were laid out with many fine selections. The men were encouraged to sign-up for a Washer Toss Tournament Game with the to-be-determined winner receiving a ‘trophy’ cup.

Being that Halloween was the next day, Linda brought out ‘George the Monkey’ and placed one of the baby hats (that the girls have been knitting as a service project to donate to area children’s hospitals) on his head, stating that even monkeys could knit them. “George” delighted everyone with much laughter, and Betty could not resist joining “George” at the table with her own Halloween monkey mask. “Trick or Treat!”

Lunch was ‘YOYO’, with visiting and table games being played .We had AARP (Attitude Adjustment Resource Program) Fellowship prior to enjoying a Hors d’oeuvres (finger food) Potluck. Everyone kicked in resulting in a very good meal! Then table games were played.

Tuesday, morning the social hall was set-up and the tables were decorated for the Thanksgiving Dinner. The ladies were very busy in the kitchen preparing this wonderful dinner. While they were there we discovered a very interesting item back on Betty’s site patio. Being Halloween Day we wondered just what it could be? It looked like maybe it was a zombie taking a snooze under a beach towel. They are everywhere, you know, especially on Halloween!!!

We really did not want to get too close and wake him up! But Virgil and Nate just had to do it. You know the old saying: “Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought him back.” So we took a peak under the towel and discovered a bed warmer but no zombie.

It seems that Betty was trying to keep her crockpot hot enough in the cool outdoor air to cook a special ‘Cajun Turducken’ for our Thanksgiving Dinner! ‘Tur-duc-ken’: A deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, then together stuffed into a deboned turkey. Considered a Cajun specialty dish, Betty picked one up in Louisiana while on the ‘WIT River Road Outdoor Adventure Trip’, just prior to arriving for our rally.

We all gathered for our wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner, prepared by our terrific Bago ladies! Besides the two 20lb+ roasted turkeys provided by the club, the many side-dishes and desserts completed the meal. Mike Griffith drove in from home to ‘break bread’ with us. Thanks, Mike!

Warm fellowship and great food – a truly Blessed Thanksgiving! Following our dinner we set up the tables to handle our forthcoming Silent Auction, to be run on Wednesday evening. For our evening entertainment we had a surprise musician show guest – well, not really a total surprise since our George turned out to be the musician. With his six string guitar he entertained us with country songs and ballads, most from memory. You see, George, with his Linda, owned the Western Steak House & Lounge in Hot Springs, back in 1980 – 84. With Linda keeping the waitresses in line, George would put on a repeated 15 minute show with the house band, while also performing as part-time bartender, bouncer, and then the janitor!

His southern-gravel sounding voice, with lyrics and cords mostly from memory, George offered a very entertaining performance for the gang. His song selections were so popular that some of us began to sing along with him. Truly a great and satisfying ‘surprise’ dinner entertainer to close out a very wonderful special day for us all!

Wednesday morning we had our Club Business Meeting. Followed by a check to make sure all the silent auction items had bid sheets posted.

Lunch was Turkey Dinner leftovers – yum! Following lunch we had our traditional “On The Bus” game. As always the game play was very emotional; you really did not know who was lying or telling the truth—when they passed you a 2, 3, or 4, with glee and a big grin they would then knock very loudly on the table to let everyone know what just had happened.

It all came to a showdown between Liz and Nate, with Liz the dealer. Nate, while expressing doubt, concern and anxiety in a timid voice, finally said he would keep his card. Liz smiled and turned over a Queen, a very appropriate winning card being that she is also a Queen. Nate just smiled and turned over his Ace and took the pot home. Sorry, Liz! Oh, what fun!

AARP Fellowship took place just before dinner. We had turkey dinner leftovers, again. Still yum!

We then held our silent auction, with final bids being made under a one-minute verbal countdown. Everyone was on alert, either watching or making last-second bids. As always we had great fun! Thanks to all participants — those who brought and those who bought!

Thursday, was mostly a ‘YOYO Day’. While the girls had a wonderful lunch in Eureka Springs in the unique basement of the Mud Street Café, the boys went to the nearby Filling Station for a wonderful lunch among hubcaps, grills, gas pumps and Studebakers—the owner being very proud of those fine cars.

Dinner was a “WAC” – We Aren’t Cooking”. The ladies had a choice where they wanted to eat out, with multiple locations being chosen. When everyone got back to camp we played a variety of table games.

Friday, we all packed up and headed out. Hope to see everyone in Hot Springs for our Bago Christmas!

By Judy Brandes